November 10, 2016

The Swatch Watch: Lynnderella 'One Nutty Fruitcake'

I have a #TBT Edition of The Swatch Watch for you today. I just came across this Draft post that was originally written one year ago today. Ironic right? I'm not certain why I never posted it so here goes!

Lynderella One Nutty Fruitcake, OPI Purple Palazzo Pants
In this edition of The Swatch Watch and I am featuring a polish from yet another new-to-me indie brand, Lynnderella. I decided to show you this "Lynn" polish first because the name is seasonally appropriate and I loved that it was jam packed with colors of the rainbow.

I did read up a little on the history of this brand that some call "The Mother of Indies" and it sounded like they made a few missteps early on. I can imagine there may still be some hurt feelings and people turned off by this brand. Fortunately I had yet to even hear the word "indie" back then and I only learned of them last year. So they have a clean slate with me and I was excited to pick up a few bottles to try.

Lynderella One Nutty Fruitcake, OPI Purple Palazzo Pants
I couldn't easily locate the official description for Lynnderella "One Nutty Fruitcake" so I will describe it as bright multi-color and black square glitter mix in various sizes in a sheer violet base containing sparkly microglitter. I think the fact that this polish only contains square glitters makes it unique.

I probably tested it over a dozen base polishes before I finally settled on a lavender. Lucky for me I was a winner in the Preen.Me OPI Venice Collection Giveaway on Instagram about 2 weeks ago (at the original time of writing) and the perfect lavender, OPI Purple Palazzo Pants, was one of the three polishes I received.

Lynderella One Nutty Fruitcake, OPI Purple Palazzo Pants
I applied one coat of One Nutty Fruitcake over Purple Palazzo Pants and finished with 2 coats of HK Girl Fast Drying Topcoat to smooth out the glitter. This is a very dense glitter and my bottle didn't have a lot of base, which made application a bit tricky. As soon as I placed the loaded brush on my nail the glitter stuck. Right there. Like glue. It wouldn't budge with the brush. I choked.

Lynderella One Nutty Fruitcake, OPI Purple Palazzo Pants
Once my "deer in the headlights" moment passed, I decided to try using an orange wood stick to move the glitter around once I finished my "dab and spread". Happily it worked and I learned that I had a few minutes to adjust the glitter after application. None of this would have been an issue if I was applying this glitter in my traditional "pile it on" style, but I really wanted to apply it more sparsely so you could still see the base color. That'll teach me!!

Lynderella One Nutty Fruitcake, OPI Purple Palazzo Pants
I thought it would be fun to do an accent nail using Swarovski Crystals in coordinating colors. I attached a 3mm Amethyst, Aquamarine, Dark Moss Green, Fire Opal and Fuchsia with topcoat.

So what do you think of my first Lynnderella? Would you have chosen lavender as the base color? What other colors do you think would have worked? As always, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!! I'll see you at the next post.


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