Stamping 101 Part 1: Know THIS Before You Spend $1 on Stamping

Ladies perform web searches every day trying to find information on the best nail art stamping plates, best stampers, best stamping polishes, etc. In this article, I will help you find the best products for your nails. I’ll also reveal the products I am currently coveting. If you already have products and want to learn how to stamp your nails please read Struggling With Stamping? Try These Techniques! You may want to grab a beverage and settle in for this lengthy post. Or bookmark it for later when you have 20+ minutes to spare.

Know THIS Before You Spend $1 On Stamping: the best plates, best stampers, best stamping polish, best scrapers

{This article was originally published in April 2014. While I plan to revisit it at least once a year to freshen up the content, it is possible that I will mention a brand that is no longer available or fail to mention a newer brand you were hoping to learn more about. The nail art segment has been experiencing explosive growth and new manufacturers are popping up almost daily. It would be a full time job just trying to keep up!! Therefore, consider the brand names used in this article to be examples. The 7 tips shown in bold are the focus of this post and will always remain relevant.}


I mentioned in my ‘About Me’ that my first attempts at stamping my nails were nothing short of an epic failure. And I promised I would provide you with some information and try to spare you some of the frustration I went through. And potentially even save you some money!

I’ll admit that I was pretty naïve when I decided I wanted to try stamping. A friend was doing it and I watched a YouTube video or two and thought it looked fairly easy. I was following a few blogs but didn’t know about all the great groups on social media yet. My research showed that it all began with Konad, so I thought that would be the best place to start. I ordered 6 plates, 2 small bottles of the special stamping polish and their double ended stamper.

When my plates arrived I could not believe how small the designs were. I thought this was a “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” kind of thing since size was not part of the product description. But I was wrong.

How Big Are My Nails?

The first thing you need to do is use a metric tape measure (the industry standard) and record the size (length and width) of all of your fingernails. If you sometimes wear your nails longer, consider adding a few millimeters to your length measurement since too big is always better than too small. My thumb measures 2cm long x 1.7cm wide and the full nail designs on my Konad plates were 1.5cm x 1.2cm.

There are some advanced techniques, such as “double stamping”, that entail lining up the stamper to precisely place the missing part of the design next to the existing one your fingernail. Or stamping with a stretched squishy stamper head to get a few more millimeters out of the design. If they sound complicated it’s because they are, even for experienced stampers.

“In my opinion, your best bet is to know the size of your nails and purchase plates with full nail designs that are a little larger and will cover your entire nail in a single stamp.”

What Size Images Are on the Plates?

I’ve compiled a list of the full nail design sizes from several manufacturers by taking measurements from my own plate collection. This list is by no means exhaustive, as there are so many companies making stamping plates these days. My measurements may not be 100% accurate to the millimeter. But they are very close and will give you a good idea of which plates have designs that fit your nails.

If a company does not have sizing information posted on their website check with them before placing an order. The measurements shown are for “full nail designs”, which you’ll learn more about next. Arranged alphabetically with links to companies included.


Brand Length Width
Apipila 2.0cm 1.5cm
Born Pretty Rectangle Regular 1.6cm 1.5cm
Born Pretty Rectangle Large 2.2cm 1.5cm
Bundle Monster 2010 Revised, 2012, 2013, Holiday 1.7cm 1.3cm
Bundle Monster XL Rectangle 2.2cm 1.5cm
Cheeky Jumbo XL 2.0cm 1.5cm
Chez Delaney 2.2cm 1.6cm
Dashica Big SdP 1.9cm 1.3cm
Dashica Infinity 2.5cm 1.5cm
DRK-A 2.2cm 1.7cm
DRK-B 2.2cm 2.0cm
Emily de Molly 1.8cm 1.5cm
Konad (older) 1.5cm 1.2cm
Konad (newer) 1.9cm 1.4cm
Messy Mansion (MM series) 2.2cm 1.7cm
MoYou London Regular 1.5cm 1.2cm
MoYou London XL 2.0cm 1.5cm
Moyra 2.5cm 2cm
Pueen Love Elements 1.8cm 1.4cm
Sugar Bubbles 2.1cm 1.7cm
UberChic Beauty 2.1cm 1.7cm
Vivid Lacquer 2.0cm 2.0cm
Wistonia 1.6cm 1.3cm


Know THIS Before You Spend $1 On Stamping: the best plates, best stampers, best stamping polish, best scrapers

 Are Some Designs Easier to Use?

Yes, I think that some designs are easier to stamp than others. I would rank them like this, from easiest to most difficult:

Know THIS Before You Spend $1 On Stamping: the best plates, best stampers, best stamping polish, best scrapers

      • Full nail designs are the easiest and most forgiving since you don’t have to worry about placing the design precisely. If you chose the proper image size for your nail, you can simply roll the stamper over your nail. Or you can press your nail into the stamper.


      • Smaller images, such as flowers or that cute kitty, are typically placed in a specific location on your nail. It takes more practice to be able to stamp a design exactly where you want it.


      • French tip designs are the most challenging to use in my opinion. And they don’t look good unless you place them just right. I have a very pronounced C curve in my nails, which could be part of the difficulty for me. But you may want to keep your investment small until you’ve tried them.


All Plates Are The Same Quality, Right?

I’ll refer you to the age old saying that “you get what you pay for”. This often holds true with stamping plates. You can probably find some great deals on a large set of plates from AliExpress, eBay or even offshore Marketplace Sellers on Amazon. But if the etching is not deep enough or they are defective in some other way did you really get a good deal? Will the manufacturer in China work with you on replacements? I don’t know. As with any other purchase, be sure to do some research on social media. Also find out about return/exchange policies and read reviews for any plates you are considering.

There are many, many companies providing quality stamping plates these days. It wasn’t my intent to provide an exhaustive list in this article or to purposely exclude anyone. I focused on brands I have used myself. And I have had good experiences with the brands listed in my size chart.

Know THIS Before You Spend $1 on Stamping: The Best Stamping Plates

“If I had it to do over again, my initial investment would have been in 2-4 quality plates in the $7-10 dollar a plate range with the correct image sizes for my nails.”

Go easy! Start with a small order so you can try the products and find out if you even enjoy stamping!! There will always be time to start a collection later!

BEST STAMPING PLATES: As promised, the stamping plates I am coveting are from UberChic Beauty, MoYou London, Moyra, Chez Delaney and Clear Jelly Stamper Multi-Layer plates (recommended for experienced stampers).

What Kind of Stamper Should I Get?

Another surprise for me was all the different types of stampers that are available. A stamper’s a stamper, right? Nope, not really. I started with the standard Konad double ended stamper and I couldn’t have made a worse choice for me. I’m not picking on Konad…any firm stamper is troublesome for me. I mentioned earlier my nails have a definitive C curve to them. But they are also long and my nail beds are wide. The Konad stamper head wasn’t much bigger than my thumbnail. And it was too firm to reach those curvy sides without fear of pressing too hard and breaking a nail.

First Generation Squishy Stampers

Discovering the XL Squishy Stamper (in the top left of the photo below) in 2014 saved stamping for me. It picked up an entire XL design, rolled easily over my nail and contoured to the curves. I learned later that you don’t even need to roll this type of stamper. You can simply press your fingernail into the design. The surface on this first generation of XL squishy stampers, displayed in the photo below, did need a little prep for the best results. And I will cover “priming” your stamper in Part 2 of my Stamping 101 Series: Struggling with Stamping? Here’s 4 Tips to Make it Work!.

Know THIS Before You Spend $1 on Stamping photo of all types of nail art stampers
First Generation XL Squishy and others that CAN be primed

The stamper landscape has seen major changes since my last update in 2015. The release of the Creative Shop Stamper from the Ukraine sent out a ripple of change. It’s huge (3.6cm), medium squishy translucent silicone head made it possible to see designs done with white stamping polish. It prompted many stamping plate companies to release a similar stamper. And some are referring to them as Marshmallow, so I need to clarify some of my previous statements on Marshmallow stampers.

Next Generation Stampers

The photo below depicts the stamping landscape today, minus the Creative Shop Stamper I wasn’t able to find. But it is similar in design to 1 and 2. Please note that the stampers in this photo cannot be primed, with exception of number 6 and 7 that I carried over from yesteryear.

If they aren’t working you can try washing them with dish detergent and warm water, but do not use a Magic Eraser or nail files. Attempting that type of priming could damage the stamper and render it useless. If you are having difficulty getting these stampers to work, please view the techniques in Struggling with Stamping? Here’s 4 Tips to Make it Work! and read End The Frustration. Start Stamping Now. for additional problem-solving steps if you’re still having difficulties.

Know THIS Before You Spend $1 on Stamping: The Best Stampers

Next Generation Stamper Details

  1. MoYou London Marshmallow Stamp Sticky: MoYou’s version of the traditional sticky Marshmallow stamper. Squishier than their non-sticky version and super duper sticky. Available in transparent or white. Extra large at 4cm wide. I’ll be honest and tell you that I am not fond of these super sticky stampers. They stick to everything, including the stamping plate. And I’ve never once been able to pick up an image. Try them if you must, but I am sorry to say, you won’t find any support here.

MoYou also offers Marshmallow Non-Sticky that you’ll be seeing on my Best Stampers list because there is nothing “Marshmallow” about this stamper. It has the perfect amount of squish and just a touch of stick to help you with pickup. Available in transparent and white.


2. The XL Non-Sticky Stamper: Chic Black Matte: UberChic’s version of the perfect non-sticky squishy stamper. Essentially the same as the MoYou Non-Sticky except they offer color refills.

UberChic also offers The XL Sticky Stamper which I don’t own for the reason listed above about Sticky Marshmallow stampers.


3. MoYou London New! Large Size Stamp and Scraper: Although called “New”, this stamper pre-dated the two stampers discussed above.  The silicone is marshmallow squishy without the stick. The 3cm wide head is perfect for a woman with smaller nails. I haven’t seen this stamper for sale outside of MoYou London. Not that I’ve scoured the earth, but that would be the easiest place to find it.


4. MoYou London’s New Rectangle Stamp and Scraper: Again not “New”, but this is the BEST Rectangle Stamper I own, and I have a decent amount. It uses the same type of silicone as #3 and it’s the largest I’ve come across at 3cm x 2cm. Very easy to use to roll a design from one edge of your nail to the other.


5. Clear Jelly Stampers: I ordered about 10 different clear jelly stampers to test and found that I prefer those made by the inventor, Debbie Duxbury. I’m showing The Big Bling here and it’s no joke at 1.12 inches! The Original is next to it with a firmer head that I use for reverse stamping. Or switch them out with their Super Soft Jelly Heads. They come in The Crystal Clear stamper or can be ordered separately. Perfect for stamping smaller designs.

While we are talking about Clear Jelly Stampers, I want to tell you that I don’t think that they are the best stamper to start off with. Yes, I know they look like the obvious choice since you can actually see what you’re doing. And, of course, every blogger is going nuts over them. But keep in mind that they are experienced stampers who adjusted to this new stamper. Likely without even realizing that they had made technique adjustments. Absolutely pick one up if you want. But I would hold off on trying it until you have real stamping polish and are stamping your nails with ease.

6. Firm Rectangle Stamper: I keep this hard rubber rectangle stamper in my collection mostly for decals. But I’ve included it here because it may work well for a woman with smaller, flatter nails.

7. The Original Konad Firm Stamper: If you are wondering why this old stamper is here it’s because it’s my “Last Resort” stamper. When my favorite stampers fail me, usually due to an etching issue on the stamping plate I am trying to use, I resort to this stamper and it picks up that image every time. You’ll never see it on my Best List, but everyone should have a stamper like this in their collection.

“In my opinion, a Non-Sticky Squishy stamper (Marshmallow XL or Large size depending on your nail size) and a Firm stamper (made from hard rubber, not silicone) will get you off to a good start. If you want to get your stampers very affordably then pickup a set like this on eBay.”

BEST STAMPERS: I reach for MoYou London Marshmallow Non-Sticky Stamper and UberChic The XL Non-Sticky Stamper first and interchangeably. I also covet MoYou London’s New Rectangle Stamper and all of the CJS’ Clear Jelly Stampers (recommended for experienced stampers).

Do I Really Need Special Stamping Polish?

Yes, I think it’s a good idea to always have some genuine stamping polish handy. To be clear, I define genuine stamping polish as highly pigmented polish that is marketed as a stamping polish. Preferably it cannot also be used to polish your nails. If they can do both I consider them a highly pigmented combination polish.

Know THIS Before You Spend $1 on Stamping: The Best Stamping Polish

I am referring to polish by brands such as Mundo de Unas, Clear Jelly Stamper and Hit The Bottle that is made especially for stamping. They are formulated to be thicker and dry slower which makes them easier to use. Especially when you are just starting out. Unlike regular polish, you can often remove a mistake made with stamping polish with a piece of tape or a lint roller. It can spare you the trouble of doing a nail again from scratch. They can also expand your stamping possibilities with highly pigmented color choices that show up great over a dark base polish. I’ve included M Polish in the photo because I have had good luck stamping with this combo polish.

As you get more comfortable with stamping you can certainly experiment with opaque polishes you already own. They should give you full coverage, or real close to it, in a single coat. But you will still want to have real stamping polish around for those plates that don’t want to work with your squishy stamper or the inexpensive drugstore polish you are trying to use.

BEST STAMPING POLISH: I have a ton of stamping polish!! Lately, I’ve been reaching for Hit The Bottle, Mundo de Unas (MdU) and Clear Jelly Stamper (CJS) stamping polish.

What Kind of Scraper Should I Get?

Everyone has a personal preference here and I believe I have tried all of them. The companies that sell scrapers clearly heard the outcry that we like to use old gift cards, membership cards, etc. It seems that just about everyone includes a flexible card with their stamper nowadays. They come in various “flexibilities” so I tend to collect them. But the old type of scraper is still quite usable. The only type I would not recommend are those with metal blades, like the pink Konad at the bottom of the photo. They tend to scratch up your plates over time.

Know THIS Before You Spend $1 on Stamping: The Best Scrapers
THE BEST SCRAPERS: I tend to use the one provided by the brand with their stamper and plates. They did test them to work together after all. But I think a credit card style scraper with medium flexibility would do the job across brands.

And there it is! Everything I wish I had known before I made any investment in stamping products. Now you can start shopping! When you are ready to start stamping you may want to read my next installment Struggling with Stamping? Here’s 4 Tips to Make it Work! for tips and techniques on the entire process, including stamper prep, and helpful videos for each step.

This article is well worth the time I spent on it if it helps just one person to have a better initial stamping experience. I would be happy to answer any questions you have using the Comment section below or you can email me directly at [email protected]. I reply to everyone that writes to me. But please be patient as I do have other commitments.

It would be wonderful to hear your feedback about this post or any ideas you have for articles you would like to see in the future. I will do my best to reply to each and every one!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post.
Last updated: 10/6/16