September 2, 2016

It's Good to be Queen...Bee: Nail Art with Clear Jelly Stamper Plates

Hey there! Is everyone psyched for the long weekend? I hope so. I have a colorful design for you today that I created using a Clear Stamper along with Clear Jelly Stamper multi-layer stamping plates for the first time. They truly unleash the abilities of a clear stamper!

Pahlish Ophelia, Pahlish Fields of Gold, Clear Jelly Stamper stamping plates

If you are wondering why my nails look complete different today than they did on Monday it's because this nail art was created in early Spring but, up until this week, I hadn't blogged since last Christmas. So you will be seeing all different shapes and lengths while I try to catch up. And, just to confuse you further, I may back date a few new posts for nail art that was time sensitive or has already been shown on Instagram. Anyhow. Let's take a look at this design! 

Pahlish Ophelia, Pahlish Fields of Gold
I started with a base of UNT Peel Off Basecoat simply for the convenience of it. Then I polished with 2 coats of Pahlish Bespoke Ophelia, a gorgeous sky blue creme with small blue and gold glitters. I accented with 2 coats of Pahlish Fields of Gold, a glitter packed gold with depth beyond words. It was an A Box, Indied exclusive but I would love for Pahlish to re-release it so everyone can have a bottle...and I can get a backup! Crows Toes has paved the way after all and I am hoping the other brands will follow.

 Pahlish Ophelia, Pahlish Fields of Gold, Clear Jelly Stamper stamping plates
I was excited to get started and I pulled out 4 plates to use: CJS-01 Flower and Butterfly, CJS-04 Infinite Flower, CJS-06 By The Sea, and CJS-10 Baby Bugs & Bees. See that adorable little Bee on my middle finger? He was the inspiration for this design.  I'll be the first to admit that this is a bit "cutesy" for me, but I tried to 'adult it up' some with the Queen Bee reference. How'd I do???

 Pahlish Ophelia, Pahlish Fields of Gold, Clear Jelly Stamper stamping plates
I wanted the full experience so I stamped directly onto my nails. This takes the multi-color stamping that I've always enjoyed to a whole new level! There's an opportunity to use more colors and I definitely took advantage. Wait until you see the product recap! I should mention that the Original Clear Jelly Stamper was too firm for me, as it was for many people, but she had to start somewhere. I ended up using a combination of Messy Mansion's XL Crystal Stamper 2.0 and FabURNails Clear Jumbo Stamper.

Pahlish Ophelia, Pahlish Fields of Gold, Clear Jelly Stamper stamping plates
Surprisingly I found that the part I thought would be hard was fairly easy and vice versa. Just the butterfly on my index finger is 5 different stamps and I was doing so good until I got to the outline. It is the last step and consistently the most difficult. I was off just enough to be noticeable on every single nail but I think it adds a cool doodle effect. Hell, if I didn't screw them up a little you might think they were water decals! :)

Pahlish Ophelia, Pahlish Fields of Gold, Clear Jelly Stamper stamping plates
I stamped my middle finger using Mundo de Unas Black. I found the crown on MoYou London Princess 02 and I grabbed Queen from the longer saying on UberChic Fairytale 01 that is now my title. I created the honeycomb using a What's Up Nails stencil. I weeded it, painted it black and applied it to my middle finger once it was dry. I finished up with a healthy coat of HK Girl Fast Drying Topcoat on all of my nails. 

Pahlish Ophelia, Pahlish Fields of Gold, Clear Jelly Stamper stamping plates
Here's another close up for you. Is that gold insane or what?? And my bee....awwww. It's 4:25AM and I think I am getting a little caught up in the cuteness factor. So it's a wrap folks!

 Product Recap Part 1:
(links provided to brand homepage)
Base polish: Pahlish Ophelia
Accent polish: Pahlish Fields Of Gold
Stamping polishes: Mundo de Unas (15) Mexican Pink, (5) Turquoise, (60) Fantasy, (18) Silver, (2) Black, (11) Yellow, (52) Lemon Tree, (8) Green

 Product Recap Part 2:
(links provided to brand homepage)
Stamping plates: Clear Jelly Stamper CJS-01, CJS-04, CJS-06, CJS10, 
MoYou London Princess 02, UberChic Beauty Fairytale 01
Embellishments: What's Up Nails Honeycomb Stencil, Bee Charm from SunSational Nail Art
Tools: Messy Mansion XL Crystal Stamper 2.0 and FabURNails Clear Jumbo Stamper

I had a fun time creating this design. All of this was new to me and I didn't know how well I would do, so there wasn't as much advance planning as I usually do. But it was nice to go with the flow and just place items where I thought they would look nice. I've purchased a bunch of these plates so you will absolutely be seeing more multi-layered nail art, perhaps a bit more adult though. 

I would love to hear your thoughts! Have you had the opportunity to try a clear stamper? How about these cool stamping plates? I am hoping to have a clear stamper review coming up for you. I wish you a wonderful holiday weekend!!

Thanks for reading! I'll see you at the next post!


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