The Swatch Watch: KBShimmer I Feel Gourd-geous

KBShimmer I Feel Gourd-geous swatch
Welcome to the first post in a new series called “The Swatch Watch”! I have an amazing polish from KBShimmer’s Fall Collection for you today called ‘I Feel Gourd-geous’. And I really did feel gorgeous with this beauty gracing my tips!

I decided to start this series for a couple reasons. The first being that I am not one to swatch my polishes immediately upon arrival. I simply look them over and file them away in my mind and polish drawers for future use. The second is that my purchases have not slowed down to match the infrequency of my blogging lately. So I have LOTS of untrieds right now and I thought that this series would be a fun way for both of us to get to see them.

I wanted a catchy name for the series and my Mom gets all the credit for this one! It’s a play on words that takes me back to some great times as a teen when Swatch Watch was born. They were cool, colorful watches and everybody had to have one. Kind of like the cool, colorful swatches I plan to show you here!
KBShimmer I Feel Gourd-geous swatch
KBShimmer’s I Feel Gourd-geous is a coppery gold holographic with a tremendous amount of micro holo glitter. The formula was great and I am wearing 2 easy coats and HK Girl Fast Drying Topcoat.
KBShimmer I Feel Gourd-geous direct sun swatch
Whether inside under daylight bulbs or outside in direct sun the sparkle was just insane! And I just loved how this color looked with my skin tone.
KBShimmer I Feel Gourd-geous macro swatch
KBShimmer I Feel Gourd-geous macro swatch
The polish really went nuts in the close up photos! Rainbows and glitter everywhere! I tried to pick 2 of the more realistic shots that show how this polish will actually look on your nails.


Ah, how refreshing for me that these posts will be much less verbose than my nail art posts! I plan to sprinkle them in between the nail art and occasionally include multiple polishes in a single post. I feel as though some of you come for the nail art and others for polish swatches and I love that my new blog design accommodates everyone really well! Just use the navigation menus at the top of the page to go directly to the content that’s most important to you!


I joined a new Facebook Group this week called ’30 Days of Colour’ and they have a new prompt every other day of the month. Surely I will not be doing them all, and happily they leave the Link-Up open all month for those that come to the party late! 🙂 I will be using this swatch for the “Gold” prompt from October 1st so remember to scroll down to see the other golden delights!


Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the next post.