Literary Lacquers Vurt-U-Want Collection, My Picks: Swatches and Review

Literary Lacquers Vurt-U-Want Collection, My Picks: Swatches and Review
I am so excited to finally have this review for Literary Lacquers Vurt-U-Want Collection ready to share with you! Although long overdue, I feel my timing couldn’t be better since Literary Lacquers 3rd Anniversary is today, September 18th. They will be celebrating all weekend with 20% off EVERYTHING in the store and adding several brand new polishes. I’ll include more details below. WARNING: Serious photo spam after the jump!

This collection of 8 polishes was released in the Literary Lacquers shop on June 11th and I have 5 of them to show you today. When I was gathering my thoughts for this review it occurred to me that this would have been a “Summer” collection for many brands, rendering my September review somewhat useless. I love that Amy draws her inspiration from literature instead of seasons and that there is not a single polish in this collection that couldn’t be worn year round.

I get giddy just hearing about a new collection from this brand and, once again, Amy blew me away with her creativity. Her inspiration came from a 1990’s sci-fi novel called “Vurt” by Jeff Noon about an alternate reality accessed via hallucinogenic feathers. Amy continues to use copious amounts of glitter, flakes and flecks in these polishes and I have 2 to show you that have “multiple personalities” (think Avada Kedavra from the Magic & Mysteries Collection).

The formulas are perfect, just the right consistency, as I’ve come to expect from Literary Lacquers. Shadowgirl took a little extra effort to apply simply because it is so packed full of glitter, but all of the others applied easily. I tend to have a heavy hand and all of these polishes were opaque in 2 coats for me, except for Curious Yellow. Depending on your application style, you may prefer 3 thinner coats with some of the colors. I chose Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl Topcoat for this review and I will tell when I’ve used it and also note what the finish of each polish is like without topcoat.

Literary Lacquers Vurt-U-Want Collection, My Picks: Swatches and Review

With Amy’s blessing, I describe the polishes in my own words. I wouldn’t want you to be confused or surprised if you see them described differently elsewhere. If the name is the same I promise we are talking about the same polish! I use the “Southwestern Sun” symbol in the top left corner of my photos to indicate they were taken in direct sunlight. Photos without symbols were taken indoors using a daylight bulb. Alright, let’s get started!

English VooDoo is a glitter topper loaded with large pink holo hex glitter, multiple sizes of matte black hexes, black holo triangles and matte yellow hexes finished with tons of pink holo micro glitter in a clear base. It’s an awesome combination and completely unique to my collection! I applied 1 heavy handed coat over my favorite white holo, Literary Lacquers Tesseract, plus topcoat for the photos below. I turned the bottle upside down before I started with my basecoat and had no trouble getting plenty of the larger glitters onto the brush. Ah, LOVE!
Literary Lacquers English VooDoo swatch
Literary Lacquers English VooDoo swatch
Literary Lacquers English VooDoo macro swatch
Literary Lacquers English VooDoo glitter macro


Vurt-U-Want is a bright bubblegum pink linear holo loaded with micro holographic glitter. This polish is dipping a toe in the neon pool, but it is not an eye scorching neon pink. I am wearing 2 coats plus topcoat here, but think this could easily be a one coater on shorter nails. The natural finish was smooth and really sparkly. The linear holo appeared by way of an intense blueishpurple flame that, along with all the micro glitter, freaked my camera out a bit in full sun. Needless to say, it looks even better in person and is my favorite of the collection!
Literary Lacquers Vurt-U-Want swatch
Literary Lacquers Vurt-U-Want sun swatch
Literary Lacquers Vurt-U-Want macro swatch

I used a moderate coat of English VooDoo for this nail art. I loved how the pink micro glitter added even more sparkle to Vurt-U-Want!

Literary Lacquers Vurt-U-Want and English VooDoo nail art


Curious Yellow is a sparkly matte NYC taxi cab, primary yellow with flakies and glass flecks. This polish has an amazing GLOW FROM WITHIN that must be seen in person! I applied 3 coats for full opacity. In the first and second photos I am wearing it naturally matte and it has a nice smooth finish. A coat of topcoat revealed it’s alter ego for the final two photos. As a fair skinned blonde yellow is not usually a good color for me and I chose this polish mainly for it’s nail art potential. But I was pleasantly surprised by how “wearable” it was.
Literary Lacquers Curious Yellow matte swatch
Literary Lacquers Curious Yellow matte macro swatch
Literary Lacquers Curious Yellow topcoated swatch
With Topcoat

I used a moderate coat of English VooDoo for this nail art too. The yellow hex glitter blended into the polish, but I really liked how the pink and black popped without taking over.

Literary Lacquers Curious Yellow and English VooDoo nail art


Dreamsnake is a silvery violet strong linear holo with green flakies. This polish was quite the cool chameleon on me in different lighting conditions, ranging from a deep purple to a silvery fog grey. I am wearing 2 coats plus topcoat here. The natural finish is smooth and shimmery. I think the addition of the green flakies made this polish really unique. Individually they were quite camera shy, but always influencing the look of the polish, and I think you’ll be able to see them in the close up.
Literary Lacquers Dreamsnake swatch
Literary Lacquers Dreamsnake sun swatch
Literary Lacquers Dreamsnake macro swatch


Once again, I used a moderate coat of English VooDoo for this nail art. This was my favorite combination of glitter and polish, with all of the colors accenting each other perfectly.
Literary Lacquers Dreamsnake and English VooDoo nail art


Shadowgirl is a hazy blue-grey matte polish loaded with glitters in silver hexes, navy blue hexes and squares, turquoise squares and silver micro glitter. The first coat was a little tricky to apply due to the sheer volume of glitter and the length of my nails. Lots of dab and spread. But I let it dry completely and easily applied a 2nd coat to reach full opacity. I am wearing it naturally matte in the first and second photos and it felt fairly smooth considering all of the glitter. I added topcoat for the third photo to reveal the alter ego and watched the micro glitter go crazy in the light! This is my Mom’s favorite of the collection. She had it on before I even had a chance to swatch it!!
Literary Lacquers Shadowgirl matte swatch
Literary Lacquers Shadowgirl matte macro swatch
Literary Lacquers Shadowgirl topcoated swatch
With Topcoat


Literary Lacquers Shadowgirl glitter macro


Another gorgeous collection from Literary Lacquers! I just had to purchase the other 2 linear holo polishes that are packed with holo micro glitter, Blue Lallaby and Thermofish. They are also perfect and beautiful. I hope to have them in an upcoming post for you, but I encourage you to go see them in the store!

Literary Lacquers Vurt-U-Want Collection, My Picks: Swatches and Review

I would love to hear your thoughts on these polishes! Do you have any favorites? Now is a great time to pick them up during the anniversary sale. Just use the code HAPPY3RD at checkout for 20% off your entire purchase now through Sunday, September 20th.


Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the next post.