What’s Up With Nails of Aquarius??

Hi there! Let me start by thanking you for coming here to read my post! I’ve been gone for a long time, much longer than I expected, and I was not sure if anyone would still be interested in my blog. But you came!

Blog Redesign

You may have noticed that the blog has a new design. I purchased it to inspire me to start blogging again, kind of like when you have a brand new outfit and wake up excited to go to work just so you can wear it. I also wanted a cleaner, cohesive look that was streamlined and, most importantly, made it easier for you to find what you were looking for. The sticky menu bar now has drop down menus to help you filter content and my newly redesigned logo has given up a lot of real estate so you can quickly see what you came here to see…my nail art and swatches of gorgeous nail polish!I just had to add some of those cool automated gadgets that I’ve been seeing everywhere! I bet you will notice the Post Slider first, showing off my last 5 nail art designs. And right underneath it is a scrolling feed from Instagram, where I occasionally post photos that never make it to the blog. Both feeds are clickable and will take you to my blog post or Instagram post accordingly.

My social media follow icons are still located under my picture, but I’ve moved the single click gadgets for Facebook, Google+ and GFC to the bottom of the page. As you are traveling down the page you may notice that I’ve added drop down menus for NAIL ART CATEGORIES and NAIL POLISH. Again I am hoping this will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for without scrolling through a huge list of confusing labels.

In my opinion a blog is always a work in progress, so I would be happy to hear any suggestions or constructive criticism. I am still trying to resolve one issue with the developer, so the Pinterest Hover button is not working at the moment. For the time being you’ll need to use the Pinterest Share button at the end of each post in order to Pin any photos. I know this is inconvenient and hope to have it fixed quickly. I think I have tested everything thoroughly, but I would be very grateful if you let me know about anything you come across that isn’t working as expected.

On A Personal Level

When I started this blog I intended to keep it professional. I didn’t plan to share much about my personal life or my troubles. I figured if you wanted drama you would turn to reality TV as I sometimes do, not a nail blog. But I know I mentioned somewhere several months back that I was going through a tough time. Unfortunately that hasn’t changed and it has actually been worse than I expected.

I am going to break my rule and share with you that my Nana had a stroke on May 13th. Eleven days later my computer crashed. I was already having creativity issues and this only made it worse. Unbeknownst to you, I never stopped trying to create, but nothing I did ever turned out good enough to post.

My Nana was moved to a Skilled Nursing Facility on May 19th for occupational, speech and physical therapy. They did the best they could, but it wasn’t too helpful for my 88 year old Nana. On June 15th she came to live with my Mom and I. We planned for the long term and setup a bedroom for her with her own furniture from the apartment we moved her out of while she was in the hospital. We had planned for the long term…

In the evening on June 18th she had another stroke and an hour later she passed away with Mom and I at her side. She lived with us for just 4 days. I thought we would have more time. I say those words so often. But, ironically enough, June 18th was my Grandpa’s birthday. What better gift could we have given then to reunite him with wife, the love of his life, after 10 years apart?  We hoped they had a wonderful celebration that evening!

I’d like to share a very special manicure with you that I created for my Nana’s Memorial Service. I would appreciate it if these personal photos could stay here on my blog and not be pinned or shared.

I had no idea what polish I was going to wear until I was reading a review for Zoya’s Summer Collection and found that they had named a polish “Nana”. What were the odds? My Nana was a religious woman and the Zoya’s shimmery white polish from the same collection was called “Genesis”. It was meant to be.

I used stickers from a favorite eBay seller on my middle finger together with orchid water decals and a cross from Daily Charme on my ring finger. My index finger and pinky were stamped with M Polish in “Snowberry” and “Fresh Perspective” respectively using a heart design from Sugar Bubbles SB011.

I showed the completed design to my Mom who smiled and said “you created nail art”. I did. The first nail art I was happy with in months. My Nana’s final gift to me.

To make a long story short about my computer, the only data missing was my entire ‘My Pictures’ folder. The place where I stored ALL of my nail related pictures and I didn’t have a backup…don’t ask me why. It was like an omen, but I chose to ignore it. A recovery program brought back 60,000 JPG files and I was excited. Until I saw that thousands of them were just junk from my Internet cache. UGH! I had several designs just waiting to be edited, so I try to go through a few folders every week to see what I can recover.

It’s been nearly 2 months and I miss my Nana every single day. This was an emotional post for me, but I am hoping it will mark a new beginning for Nails Of Aquarius and I thank you for sharing in it with me.