Tough Love Valentines Nail Art Design featuring KBShimmer

KBShimmer U Rock My Heart, KBShimmer Ice Queen, KBShimmer Eclipse, KBShimmer My Life's Porpoise

Who’s ready for some Valentine’s Day nail art??? ME! ME! ME! It seems I overworked my creative mojo over the holidays and it’s been retaliating against me ever since. But I am thrilled it is back in action today with this glitzy, blinged out creation.

The inspiration for this design came entirely from KBShimmer U Rock My ♥. Then I just needed to pick out all the other elements to go along with it. Sounds easy enough, right? Yeah, not so much. I will never tell you how long it took to create this design. NEVER. Aside from base coat, topcoat and stamping polish this design was created exclusively with KBShimmer polishes.
KBShimmer U Rock My Heart
U Rock My ♥ is a glitter topper loaded with neon pink stars and multiple size hexes AND black hearts, multiple size hexes, stars and shreds. I fell hard for this edgy, tough, just-about-anti-valentines glitter.
KBShimmer Ice Queen, KBShimmer Eclipse, KBShimmer My Life's Porpoise

I started with 2 coats of Eclipse, a black cream, on my thumb and pinky and 2 coats of My Life’s Porpoise on the remaining fingers. My Life’s Porpoise in a light to medium grey cream that leaned a little more blue in these photos than in person. I finished with HK Girl Fast Drying Topcoat.

Since I am already verbose, I am going to try to cut a few words by telling you to always assume I allow my nails to dry completely in between steps.

I used French tip guides and Eclipse to create the sweeping tips, then dabbed on Ice Queen glitter topper with a makeup sponge. Having Ice Queen in time for this design was an unexpected surprise, as it arrived amazingly fast from the Love It, Buy It deal KBShimmer participated in.
KBShimmer Ice Queen, KBShimmer Eclipse, KBShimmer My Life's Porpoise, Sugar Bubbles SB011, Mundo de Unas Mexican Pink
I tore through my entire stamping plate collection trying to find just the right design for the look I was trying to achieve. I found it on Sugar Bubbles SB011 and stamped it on with Mundo de Unas** Mexican Pink. My stamper head will be hot pink for a while again, but it’s a price I am willing to pay for this awesome hot pink!!
KBShimmer U Rock My Heart, KBShimmer Ice Queen, KBShimmer Eclipse, KBShimmer My Life's Porpoise, Daily Charme
I applied the French tip guides again to leave a void for the chain then I went to work applying U Rock My ♥. Believe it or not I manipulated the glitter pieces quite a bit with a toothpick to create this strategically messy look. But the regular “dab and spread” approach would work just fine for normal full nail application. I followed up with another coat of HK Girl on all nails to smooth out the glitter.
KBShimmer U Rock My Heart, KBShimmer Ice Queen, KBShimmer Eclipse, KBShimmer My Life's Porpoise, Daily Charme
And then the chains came out! I went back through my posts and couldn’t believe I hadn’t used chains since last June! I cut it to length with scissors and applied it with nail glue and tweezers. I’ve learned from past experience that chain is quite defiant and refuses to stay on with topcoat.
KBShimmer U Rock My Heart, KBShimmer Ice Queen, KBShimmer Eclipse, KBShimmer My Life's Porpoise, Daily Charme
KBShimmer U Rock My Heart, KBShimmer Ice Queen, KBShimmer Eclipse, KBShimmer My Life's Porpoise, Daily Charme

The finishing touch was to apply Daily Charme’s Black Heart to the center of my middle finger with a dab of nail glue.

 Product Recap
Basecoat and Topcoat: Orly Bonder and HK Girl Fast Drying Topcoat
Base polishes: KBShimmer Eclipse and My Life’s Porpoise
Accent polishes: KBShimmer U Rock My ♥ and Ice Queen
Stamping plate: Sugar Bubbles SB011
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas Mexican Pink
Embellishments: Black Heart from Daily Charme and silver chain from eBay


And there you have it. The first of what I hope will be several Valentine’s Day nail art looks. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this design. Would you dare to wear something like this?? I also welcome you to share your favorite Valentines design with me in your comment. Sharing is caring around here!

I just found out that this week’s theme in my N.A.I.L Group is Hot Pink! WooHoo! I haven’t entered a design in so long they’ve probably forgotten who I am. So don’t forget to scroll down and see the designs created by other members of the group!

** In case you haven’t heard Mundo de Unas is now available at Llarowe! The bottles have the coolest new labels with a white and black area for you to test stamp. They cost a little more, but delivery is much faster, at least for those in the US.

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the next post!


  • lisenden

    Thank-you! I bought two Konad plates and discovered that I have double-wide nails. 😛 Great article, and now I've got some new brands to try 🙂

  • Tyrell

    Thank you so much for all the information. I just have one pressing question. Storage I live in an apartment so there isn't a lot of space and I would like to have storage for all my stamping stuff. I'm using a Plastic case but now it is not big enough. I would like a case just like it but bigger! Any suggestions?

  • Thank you lisenden! I am so glad it was helpful to you and hope you have fun shopping for some new plates!

  • Susanne Andersson

    Oh no… only for US residents… *heavy sigh* 🙁

  • Beautiful! I love it!

  • Thanks for entering Claudia! I'm sorry you didn't win this one, but I love doing giveaways so keep you eye out for more! 🙂

  • So sorry about that Susanne! I promise there will be more giveaways (because I think I enjoy them more than the participants!!) and they will be open internationally. <3

  • Aww Thank you for your kind words dear, glad to know you like my nails arts too :*

  • Nail Art By Lydia

    oooh que bonita, tiene un montón de decoracion y el esmalte de glitter de corazones es muy bonito..por cierto tienes una nueva seguidora besitos 😀

  • You come up with the most interesting designs! How gorgeous!

  • Muchas gracias Lydia! Estoy muy contento de que haya disfrutado de este diseño! <3

  • Thank you very much Leelo! 🙂

  • Thanks Anne! That's the Aquarius mind in action! I'm so glad you liked it! <3

  • I love it! 😀

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  • Susanne Andersson

    Keeping my fingers crossed… or is it my legs? 😀

  • Perfect, simply perfect! I don't do embellishment myself but love seeing them on others 🙂


    OMG, pretty but only us???? why???? ..I´m crying.

  • Ah – a quintessential Karoly creation!! Love it!! I always repeat myself, but you really have an amazing knack for pulling together so many wonderful elements to create a great look. This one was worth the time and effort (IMHO). 🙂 And, I always love the combination of grey, black and pink!!! And, Ice Queen is so pretty!! OK, enough gushing for today – don't want to spoil you too much…. heh, heh!

  • Thanks for the opportunity!! I had such a hard time with the questions!! It only lets you pick one answer – and I love everything you do….so if I could of I would have said – I love everything you do and would follow you no matter what you post! 🙂

  • I'm so sorry Diana! It wasn't meant to discriminate and please don't be sad. It's just that it is so close to Valentine's Day and I want the winners to be able to use the plates now. Keeping the shipping within the US was the only way I thought that would be possible. No worries though! There will be more giveaways and they will be open internationally! <3

  • Tiffany Ziegler

    These plates are so cute!

  • There is so much going on in this manicure. I always love your designs!


    Don´t worry, just kidding.
    Big hug and God Bless You.

  • Tiffany Reyes

    Love these plates! Thanks for the opportunity!!:)

  • Colleen Bos

    Love the Valentine plates. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • craftynail

    i love everything about this! you do the best nails 🙂

  • Gorgeous!! I loved how you teamed up different products together to create such beautiful Valentines day Look..

  • Brittney

    Very nice plates.


    amazing!!!!!! Love it!!!

  • WOW those are amazing!

  • Vic

    I am totally and absolutely in love with this design!

  • cat

    Hi Karolyn, these are totally outlandish yet chic, if that makes sense. Fabulous!! I LOVE them (but no, I'd never wear them myself!! Tee-hee!).

  • Thanks so much Sumeet! I am glad you enjoyed it even when it is something you wouldn't wear. That's awesome!! <3

  • Thanks so much Kim!! That polish really brought the me out of ME! I was sad to take it off. <3

  • Thank you very much Joanne! <3

  • YAY! Thank you so much Jacqui! <3

  • Thank you very much Alpana! This is my favorite type of design…when I can combine as many polishes as possible! <3

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  • Thank you very much Amanda! 🙂

  • Thank you very much Vic! I know I created a good design when my "Queen of Bling" loves it! <3

  • Thanks Cat! Sure, outlandish chic works for me! So glad you enjoyed it even though you'd never wear it!! <3

  • Oh thank goodness! I felt so bad! <3

  • You are very welcome Kim! Sorry about that. I added a new option today so people can choose "Don't change a thing!!". I will not setup anymore giveaways at 3am! <3

  • They really are Tiffany! And they work perfectly! 🙂

  • Me too Tiffany! You are quite welcome! Good luck. 🙂

  • You are quite welcome! The plates are wonderful. Good luck! 🙂

  • I totally agree Brittany! Good luck! 🙂

  • Erin Hall Lewis

    This is a lovely coincidence, as I was oggling some other heart/love/valentines plates last Monday. Truth be told, I think a good heart plate can be used all year round but I really do love having holiday appropriate designs at hand. 😀 Thank you for this one!

  • Your creativity came home!! Hehehe…Actually, it looks like it never left! This is freaking fantastic, Karolyn! Love the vampy feel to it!!

    And how did I miss Mundo de Unas at Llarowe?? I love the stamping polishes I have but since I rarely apply glue or tape when stamping I always forget when I use MdU and end up with permanently stained fingers :/ !!!

  • You are great artist to combine so many products together smoothly and not let it look busy!! Love your style!

  • I just love your sense of humor Monica! Thank you, I am so glad you liked this one!

    MdU was in the store but out of stock for a long time. Leah Ann slipped the launch in with a bunch of other brands, so it was real easy to miss. Tip for you: Mundo comes off super easy with NON-ACETONE polish remover. <3

  • This is such an amazing compliment coming from you! Your 3D work amazes me and I am still speechless every time I see the peacock feather design! I guess so could say I love your style too! <3

  • I love lovely coincidences! To me these were like the zodiac plates and I won't forget the outcry anytime soon when ladies calculated how long they would have to wait to have/use their plate. 🙂 So I'm going to to everything I can to get them to the winners before Saturday. You are right about the hearts though, and they really did put some good non-holiday choices on these plates. I can see myself using the "heart gradient" often. Good luck Erin! <3

  • Hehe, thanks!! And thank you for the tip…I use pure acetone for cleanup and it seems to just push the color around!

  • Sure thing! I also used to use pure acetone and dreaded stamping with black MdU. Wait until you see how easy it comes off with non-acetone! <3

  • I said I'd prefer to see less swatching, but only because I had to answer something. I like your swatches! :O

  • Sorry about that Lesley! I setup this giveaway at like 3AM and didn't think to add a "Don't change a thing!!" option. I tried to add it after the fact but it didn't work. 🙁 Thank you for letting me know you like the swatches! I think many people will chose that option, as you did, because I forced your hand. Good luck! 🙂