MoYou London Scraper Review

It’s MoYou London Wednesday and they surprised me this week. Instead of releasing a new plate collection or expanding on an existing one they will be making their new scrapers available for individual separate** purchase. Previously you could only get one as part of a set with one of their new stampers. Since I’ve had one for nearly 2 months now I thought I would do a review for you instead of my typical “Nail News” post.


MoYou London scaper review
MoYou London Scraper Review

“Your favourite girls are back!
And they have a scraper of their own
with a couple of friends in tow!”
When I received my scrapers as part of the sets I purchased I didn’t have my choice of girls. But it sounds like they are all available now and you’ll be able to pick your favorites.
MoYou London Scraper Review
The scraper will have the girl of your choosing on the front and the MoYou London logo on the back. I’ve cleaned mine with pure acetone and it hasn’t impacted the graphics. These scrapers are firm ladies. They are slightly thicker than a credit card and have less flexibility.
MoYou London Scraper Review, size comparison to Konad and double ended stamper

The scraper measures 5cm x 3.5cm (approximately 2″ x 1 3/8″) and I thought I’d include the well known Konad scraper and a double ended stamper as visual size references. On a quick side note, the new stampers are great if you like marshmallow!

I have not completely converted to this scraper, but I’ve used it enough to tell you that it works quite well and was an easy adjustment for me since I prefer a firm scraper. If you love using gift cards or thought the scraper from Creative Shop was awesome then this one may not be the right choice for you.
MoYou London Scraper Review

These scrapers will be available on Friday, February 6th and can be purchased directly from MoYou London.

**UPDATE 2-9-15: I just learned that the scrapers are NOT available individually, but rather sold in sets of 6 for £2.99 (approximately $4.50). I apologize for the error.**


Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the next post.