Nail News! MoYou London HOLY SHAPES Collection Launches!

It’s MoYou London Wednesday again and I am really excited to show you the new collection they are launching this week! I had no clue what “holy shapes” were when people were talking about them on MoYou London’s Facebook page the other day, but I know now and I LOVE it!! Let’s take a look!


MoYou London HOLY SHAPES Collection Launch 1-23-15
MoYou London HOLY SHAPES Collection Launch 1-23-15

As you know, every new collection comes with a new Mascot. Meet Olly. “We adore her exquisitely eclectic style and her love for all things geometric. She’s obsessed with peppy prints, bold colour and has a special place in her heart for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

There will be 5 new plates releasing on Friday: 3 Regular size (1.5cm x 1.2xm) and 2 XL size (2.0cm x 1.5cm). I am more than a little sad about this since I need the XL plates and will be missing out on the extra 18 designs that are included on the Regular size plates. PLEASE please MoYou London, if you are reading, make this right next week!


MoYou London HOLY SHAPES 01 plate
Looking at these designs, I’m going to interpret HOLY SHAPES as the stamping equivalent to some of the really cool, complicated designs I’ve been seeing nail artists create with vinyls and/or tape lately. Since a lot of those designs were way above my skill level, I am psyched about this collection! I’m loving so many of these designs! I want to get this post up TODAY so I’m not going to pick favorites like I usually do. I’m sitting here gawking at them as it is and it just would be too hard!


MoYou London HOLY SHAPES Collection 02 plate
I said I’m not going to pick favorites, but I will say I am happy to see a few of the designs that really spoke to me on the Regular size plate above ended up on the XL plate too. Oh my am I going to have fun with these!


MoYou London HOLY SHAPES Collection 03 plate
This plate has a few designs that remind me of the Artist 17 plate I loved so much (MoYou London Artist 17 Review and Nail Art). It’s like they took the Artist designs to the next level with these and I love it! And I am happy to see them because I personally could not imagine trying to pull off many of these designs with vinyls or tape.


MoYou London HOLY SHAPES Collection 04 plate
Lots of great designs from the Regular size plate made it onto this XL, but I really want ALL of them! I am looking forward to another release next week and hoping it will balance the scales.


MoYou London HOLY SHAPES Collection 05 plate

I am really feeling the influence of tape and vinyls with this plate. Some designs would be quite simple to do, but they’ve taken to the next level with some other things you couldn’t do before. Like putting a diamond shape smack in the middle of your finger with a vinyl. Next week can’t come fast enough!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this collection! Are you as excited about it as I am? I really wish there had been a third XL plate in this initial release, but I guess I’ve harped on that enough already, right?

These plates will be released on Friday, January 23, and retail for £4.99 (approximately $8.50). You can purchase them directly from MoYou London.


Thanks for reading! You’ll see me again really soon since I have 2 MoYou London posts for you today.