Nail News! MoYou London GEEK Collection Expansion!

It is “MoYou London Wednesday” and I will actually have this update posted today! YAY! Looks like the short vacation I took from blogging is paying off. I feel recharged and ready to jump back in with both feet! This week MoYou London will be expanding on the Geek Collection they launched before the holidays. Let’s take a look!
MoYou London Geek Collection Expansion 1-9-15
MoYou London GEEK Collection Expansion 1-9-15

You met the new mascot named Siri at the initial launch. “She’s not anti-social, she’s just not user friendly…”

There will be 4 new plates releasing on Friday. Two of them are Regular size (1.5cm x 1.2cm), 1 XL size (2.0cm x 1.5cm) and the final plate is Collage/Landscape style. I mentioned to you last time that even with 20+ years of working in IT I really couldn’t relate to this collection. Nothing has changed! If anything I feel even more lost this week because it appears they’ve incorporated some gaming and that’s just not me anymore. But I know some of you will love them and, therefore, I’ll be more than happy to show them to you!
MoYou London GEEK Collection 05 plate
A few of the designs on this XL plate are the larger versions of designs from the 03 plate in the initial release, i.e. the printers and plugs. The design on the bottom right reminds me of playing Super Mario Brothers longer ago then I’ll ever admit, but I’m pretty much clueless about the rest of the designs.
MoYou London GEEK Collection 06 plate
Aside from the obvious (CTRL-ALT-DEL, On & Off, Loading, etc), I once again find myself clueless about the first Regular size plate in this release.
MoYou London GEEK Collection 07 plate
The second Regular size plate has iPods, game controllers, and sunglasses? Sorry, I just don’t see how all of this stuff goes together.
MoYou London GEEK Collection 08 plate
And finally the Collage style plate is made up entirely of ASCII Art. To each his own…

I would love to hear from someone that loves this collection and will fill me in so I don’t feel so clueless!

These plates will be released on Friday, January 9th, and retail for £4.99 (approximately $8.50). They can be purchased directly from MoYou London.They are offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING again until January 11th and this time there is NO MINIMUM ORDER!! Take advantage while you can!

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the next post.
  • LorienB

    the damask one is from Sherlock Holmes … the 3D glasses are from Dr Who … as is the print with all the circles (Gallifreyan) and Nyan cat is on there too 🙂
    totally bought both plates 🙂

  • Erin Hall Lewis

    I'm a Scorpio. I'm really looking forward to Aquarius as well, because then I get to see what you'll do with it. I mean. Since you ARE the nails of Aquarius. 😉

  • I love reading your stamping plate introductions, they make me smile every time. I would purchase 05 and 07 just for the LotR Ring inscription!!!

  • So glad you like this collection Diana! Happy New Year and big hugs to you too sweetie!! <3

  • Erin Hall Lewis

    Welcome back!

    I'm really loving these zodiac plates, though mine was sold out before I scraped together the money to nab it. These are super fun. 😀

  • I'm going to need 07 with the xbox controller!!!

  • Heehee, you're cute. The sunglasses are from a "deal with it" meme, where those sunglasses would come down from the top of the screen and settle over the eyes while "deal with it" flashed up on the screen. The first plate has some elvish (Lord of the Rings) and Klingon (Star Trek) writing, some circuitry, and battery charge indicators. No idea what that damask looking one with the smiley face in it is though.

    My husband is a software engineer, and I grew up with a nerdy father, so I may have a bit of a leg up on this collection. Even so, my husband and I couldn't identify everything going on in these plates. I love 08 though, even if tey didn't use a proper fixed width font. 😛

  • I've been wondering why you weren't showing up in my feed lately. Hope you had a relaxing holiday, and glad to see you back 🙂


    Great colecction, i like number 8. Big hug my lady. God Bless U and have a nice 2015.