My Picks from Girly Bits “Ermahgerd Flerkers” Collection: Swatches and Review

Just about 2 weeks ago the Girly Bits Ermahgerd Flerkers Collection launched at Llarowe. I think I might have perhaps mentioned recently that I am all aboard the flakie train. I just love them! So it probably won’t come as a surprise when I tell you that I decided to take a peek during the launch.
Girly Bits Enabler, Girly Bits Must. Resist.

I think the thing I find most fascinating about the flake polishes is that there are only a handful of different flake colors available, excluding the metallic type used by ILNP, and please correct me if I’ve got my facts messed up here. Yet each brand that chose to create a collection developed polishes that look significantly different enough to get my attention…and some of my paycheck!

The Girly Bits Ermahgerd Flerkers Collection is made up of 12 polishes that are all Limited Edition. When the flakes are gone there will be no more of these beauties so I wouldn’t wait if you see something you like. I was very proud of myself that I limited my purchase to 2 bottles, so far at least. And you are going to get a good laugh when you see the names of my picks!

Enabler is a red-yellow flakie in a violet micro-flake base. The formula is jam packed with flakies and this was my attempt at applying one thin coat over a black creme so you could still see some differentiation in the flakes. I topped this one with a shiny topcoat and it went crazy flashing orange, pink, green, yellow, purple and even some blue! GORGEOUS!
Girly Bits Enabler, red-yellow flakie topcoat
Girly Bits Enabler, red-yellow flakie topcoat
Girly Bits Enabler, red-yellow flakie topcoat
Must. Resist. is cobalt blue flakes in a clear base. This one is not “shifty” like my other flake polishes, but the blue is so stunning all by itself that I just had to have it in my collection. Again the formula is loaded with flakies and this is one thin coat over my black creme polish. I tested this one with both shiny and matte topcoats and decided the flakes really stood out when matte. I saw teal blue and some purple in it at times, but the camera mainly captured the amazing cobalt blue. It’s so intense that it GLOWS! You do see it glowing in the bottle, right???
Girly Bits Must. Resist., cobalt blue flakie
Girly Bits Must. Resist., cobalt blue flakie
Girly Bits Must. Resist., cobalt blue flakie

Enabler and Must. Resist. What’s a girl to do except get confused and buy both?? And I couldn’t be happier with my choices! After reading about Pam’s experiences on her website about these flakies popping over all different colors I am excited to do some experimenting of my own.

At the time of writing the collection was fully stocked at Llarowe, and I have it on good authority that it will be restocked on the Girly Bits website on February 16th, plus a few new non-flakie colors.

I would love to hear what you think of these polishes! Have you gotten hooked on flakies like I have? Or will you be happy when I stop blogging about them?? LOL! If you have a personal favorite from any brand I would love to see it! Just attach a photo in your Comment below.

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the next post!
  • So sorry for the slow reply! Thank you so much Anne! These are some amazing flakies and they did all the hard work. So tempted to go back for ALL of them! <3

  • These are so stunning! You did an excellent job showcasing these!

  • So sorry for the slow reply Cat! I am so behind on EVERYTHING!! It's always frantic for me when a holiday is coming up. You may actually be able to get a more reserved look easier with the choices from ILNP. More details + photo just as soon as I can reply to your email. <3

  • cat

    Yes, I am leaning the same way, probably because overall I prefer a more "reserved" look on myself. I enjoy the bling on others, though, for sure!

  • I can't blame you one bit for waiting! There's so many choices and, like I said, each brand does something different with them to bring the magic. I have learned that I prefer this type, the flakes that need to be applied over a dark base to do their thing, to the metallic type used by ILNP if that helps any! <3

  • cat

    Hi Karolyn, I haven't bought any flakies yet — I'm taking my time considering all the different brands and colors and "effects". That's why I need swatches like your lovely ones! Boy, these flakies sure look different in the bottle than on the nail, too.

  • Hmmm, I'm not sure if I am supposed to say "I'm sorry for enabling you Erin" or "WooHoo I've got a flakie addict friend!!". I want to see what you've got! Share a pic!! Pretty please. 🙂

    I'm working on some Valentine's stuff at the moment that they don't really fit with, but I promise you I'll do more nail art with the flakies after. Did you see my "I See Rainbows" post? I <3 that design!!

  • Erin Hall Lewis

    I, too, have some issues with Flakie Addiction, so you are not helping with these lovely swatches. I, personally, would absolutely love to see what you do with these babies in some fabulous nail art. I'll be waiting with baited breath. No pressure. 😉

  • Ah, that makes sense. I only have Pueen's Love Elements collection and don't reach for it probably as much as I should. They have some really pretty designs! <3

  • Hehe I actually don't have a huge collection but I feel like there are similar ones in the Pueen collection…I love Pueen…

  • I have a feeling I would be quite impressed with your plate collection Monica! I love 06 and I'm still hoping to see it in XL this week. <3

  • Thank you so much for agreeing with me Squarebulb! My Mom has those little tiny nails but I certainly don't.I really hope they make this right and balance out the designs in this collection with more XL plates. <3

  • Thanks Monica! I hear you! I'm a purple/blue/sometimes teal green girl and never thought I'd fall for a red-yellow falkie. I think you are right on, it's that violet in the base that makes this one so pretty! <3

  • Thanks Mille! And thank you for your support as well! My resolve weakens just a little each time I see these photos, but so far so good! <3

  • I love plate 06 as well! I like this expansion a lot better than the last

    ..but then again, I think I have similar designs on other stamping plates..

  • Squarebulb

    I hate seeing the designs that get lost in the transition from regular to XL sized plates. Honestly, whose nails are tiny enough to use the regular plates? Certainly not mine. I agree, they usually exclude some of the best designs. Especially with plates 9 and 10!

  • Lovely swatches!! I am generally not a red-yellow-green flaky person but the violet base really seems to bring all the colors together!

  • Wow, so gorgeous! Also congrats on (thus far) limiting yourself to 2 😉 lol