KBShimmer Winter 2014 Collection Swatches & Review: Part 3 (Final)

I have the third and final post of swatches and reviews for the polishes I purchased from KBShimmer’s Winter 2014 Collection for you today. I behaved myself and didn’t run off and buy the remainder of the collection since my last post. I did window shop a few times though!
KBShimmer Merry Pinkmas, KBShimmer Mauve On Over, KBShimmer Dressed to Gild

I have 3 more polishes to show you today that I will be referring back to often from other posts as I continue to work on my winter nail art designs.

Merry Pinkmas is a bubble gum pink crelly polish featuring large red and green round and hex glitters. There are also smaller neon glitters in different shapes and sizes. This is another returning favorite, this time from the 2013 Blogger Collection. This polish went on in 2 easy coats and I did some slight glitter placement of the larger pieces with the polish brush. I added 2 coats of topcoat for a nice, smooth finish. I haven’t had a chance to use this beauty in a nail art design yet, but stay tuned as I have something really sweet planned!
KBShimmer Merry Pinkmas, bubble gum pink glitter crelly polish
KBShimmer Merry Pinkmas, bubble gum pink glitter crelly polish
Mauve on Over is a lavender crelly polish loaded with multiple sizes of hex glitters in orange, navy and aqua. I am not at all concerned if this polish doesn’t make it into a design this winter, since these colors will look amazing this Spring too. I applied 3 thins coats of this polish and the glitter distributed beautifully on it’s own. It dries naturally to a semi-matte slightly textured finish. So I added 2 coats of topcoat for a smooth, shiny finish I wanted.
KBShimmer Mauve on Over, lavender glitter crelly polish
KBShimmer Mauve on Over, lavender glitter crelly polish
Dressed to Gild is a gold textured polish loaded with holographic gold glitters. There are also bits of lavender and lime holographic glitters in it that add depth and extra shine. The formula of this polish is the same of the other 2 textures I purchased, Too Cold To Hold and Turnip the Beet, thick due to the huge glitter payout, yet surprisingly easy to apply.  I used 2 coats for these photos. I had just enough time to use this polish as an accent in the design I created on Christmas Eve (White Christmas).
KBShimmer Dressed to Gild, gold holographic textured polish
KBShimmer Dressed to Gild, gold holographic textured polish

And there you have it, my 12 picks from the Winter Collection. I also purchased Spot Sign when it was released in advance of the collection and used it in a fun cat design (That’s One Cool Cat featuring KBShimmer Spot Sign).

I really enjoyed all of these polishes! The textures mesmerized me and I loved the glitter combinations in the all of the crellies. Aside from the application trouble with Snow Way! because I didn’t understand how THIN thin need to be, these polishes were a pleasure to use.

I would love to hear if you picked up any lovelies from KBShimmer’s Winter Collection! If so, which was your favorite? Don’t tell me, show me! I’d love to see a photo along with your comment below. All of these colors are still available directly from KBShimmer. Stay tuned for the nail art I plan to create with Merry Pinkmas and Mauve On Over!

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the next post.
  • That's exactly what I am planning to use it for after I get through a few Valentine's manis! Cupcake nails!! <3

  • Oh! That's it!…I was trying to remember what the polish reminded me of…cupcakes! Thanks! 🙂

  • It is really fun and girly. It also reminds me of sweet treats and makes me crave! So glad you liked the swatches Monica! <3

  • I am in love with Merry Pinkmas!

    Gorgeous swatches!!!

  • The Mauve is awesome Lesley! You'd love it! I already bought 2 cremes I can pair with it when I have time. LOL about you and the Bubblegum pink! I do enjoy a girly pink now and then and have big plans for this one!

    (I'm really behind too, so no worries! Unless I was sleep commenting you probably haven't noticed me on your blog either! So hard to be the blogger and keep up with all the others too!)

  • Thanks so much Anne! They do look like candy or some type of sweet treat. I have a mani in mind, just need to find the time to do it! The gold is AMAZING! <3

  • Mauve On Over is realllllyyyyyy pretty. Kinda coveting that one. I am inexplicably coveting Merry Pinkmas too, but I know that I will wear it once, if that, and then go around for a day wondering what possessed me to wear a bubblegum pink polish. Bubblegum pink is so not my style.

    (Hi Karolyn, I'm behind on blogs again! Every time I catch up, I forget to keep up, and then I get 300+ blog posts to read! DX )

  • SOOO pretty! The first two look like candy! And that gold glitter – so much awesome bling!

  • Don't regret it, GET IT! Get it NOW! I enable you! <3

  • I regret not getting that gold one

  • Thanks Diana sweetie! Glad you enjoyed them too! Big hugs! <3