White Christmas Nail Art Design featuring Girly Bits

Today I have what should be my last Christmas nail art design. But we will see as the day is still young and I didn’t get through all of my new holiday polishes! Since we rarely have snow here in New Mexico, never mind specifically for the holiday, I started a tradition of creating a White Christmas Nail Art design.
Girly Bits Eggnogoholic, KBShimmer Dressed to Gild, MoYou London Festive 18

This year’s design features a subtly elegant polish from Girly Bits accented by another amazing textured polish from KBShimmer.
Girly Bits Eggnogoholic
Girly Bits Eggnogoholic is a soft winter white crelly with the perfect amount of mixed size small gold glitters. The formula was just right and I am pretty sure it was opaque in 2 coats, but went for 3 to get a touch more glitter on my nails.
Girly Bits Eggnogoholic, KBShimmer Dressed to Gild, MoYou London Festive 18
I applied Eggnogoholic to all of my nails over a base of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A-Peel and finished with HK Girl Fast Drying Topcoat.
Girly Bits Eggnogoholic, KBShimmer Dressed to Gild, MoYou London Festive 18

Next I stamped 3 nails using different ornament designs from MoYou London’s Festive 18 plate and Mundo de Unas Gold.

I am so happy that I bought MoYou London’s new rectangle stamper recently since I needed a stamper its size for this design. It is the largest rectangle stamper I’ve yet to own, measuring approximately 3cm x 2.2cm, and it is super squishy, but not marshmallow sticky. For comparison, the rectangle stamper I bought recently from Messy Mansion measures approximately 2.7cm x 1.6cm.
Girly Bits Eggnogoholic, KBShimmer Dressed to Gild, MoYou London Festive 18
 I used Straights from NailVinyls to create a “tree” on my thumb and ring finger and filled it in with a coat of KBShimmer Dressed to Gild (more info on this polish in my upcoming, final post on the KBShimmer Winter 2014 Collection).
Girly Bits Eggnogoholic, KBShimmer Dressed to Gild, MoYou London Festive 18
I added another coat of Dressed To Gild after the first had dried. Then I finished off the design by topping my tree with a 3mm Swarovski Crystal in a lavender shade to accentuate that color in the glitter.
Girly Bits Eggnogoholic, KBShimmer Dressed to Gild, MoYou London Festive 18
Product Recap
Basecoat and Topcoat: Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A-Peel and HK Girl Fast Drying Topcoat
Base polish: Girly Bits Eggnogoholic
Accent polish: KBShimmer Dressed To Gild
Stamping plate: MoYou London Festive 18
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas Gold
Embellishments: Lavender Swarovski crystal
I hope you enjoyed this design and I would love to hear your thoughts! Thank you all so very much for supporting me this past year. My warmest wishes go out to all of you and your families for a joyous holiday!
  • I wish I had known! I could have tipped off Santa to put it in your package! It is a very worthy lemming. It's so impressive and elegant on it's own I almost didn't want to stamp over it. I'm so glad you liked it as much as I did!! <3

  • Ahhh! You used one of my longest lemming indie polish – Eggnogoholic – and you showed it off sooooo well in this very lovely and demure White Christmas design. While I saw it on IG at Christmastime. it's fun to come back and read the whole post and "hear" your detailed thoughts. Such a wonderful design you made here!! 🙂

  • Welcome Christine! Thanks so much! I am really glad you enjoyed my designs. <3

  • Welcome Karen! Thank you very much! 🙂

  • Christine Boriack

    I can't get over all these gorgeous Christmas designs! ♥ Too bad I didn't see this a month ago! Pinning all of these beauties for next year! Thank you so much for the amazing inspiration!

  • Karen Pishposhpolish

    This is so gorgeous!

  • cat

    Purple and lime green are both great! They are opposites on the color wheel, so we can always use them together in the same mani. =)

  • Happy New Year to you too Cat! What a nice coincidence! I probably would have used lime green as well, except I didn't have that color in
    Swarovski AND I really love purple. I love the name you chose for your design! <3

  • cat

    Hi Karolyn, I have "Dressed To Gild" and used it in a Christmas mani last week. I chose to highlight the lime green bits of glitter in it, though, and called my mani "I'm Dreaming Of A … Lime Christmas". I like your stamped ornaments — white and gold always seem so classy, and special but not too "in your face". Happy New Year!

  • Thanks so much Anne! So glad you liked that tree topper. I wasn't sure it would work, but it ended up being the perfect choice as you said! Happy New Year!! <3

  • Thank you very much Erin! I love that you go back and count the colors! Always makes me smile. 🙂 You are quite welcome for the 1st vicarious use of those ornaments! Keep your eye out for another! Happy New Year sweetie! <3

  • Gorgeous, as always! I love that rhinestone on top of the tree! Perfect choice!

  • Erin Hall Lewis

    I love this one! It's simple, feminine, elegant and it makes great use of only 3 nail polishes. Yeah, I went back and counted and was like… oh! That IS only 3 colors! And thank you for the vicarious use of that moyou festive plate, I shall drool over the gold ornaments till next year. Makes me wish my nails were long enough to put two of those on at a time.


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