KBShimmer Winter 2014 Collection Swatches & Review: Part 1

Today I have the first of multiple posts of swatches and reviews for polishes from KBShimmer’s Winter 2014 Collection. Why not just do one post you ask? Great question! There are a few reasons but the primary one us because I don’t have all of my polishes yet and I’m not even totally certain I am done shopping. I am so in love with their collection this season!
KBShimmer Too Cold To Hold, KBShimmer Snow Way! , KBShimmer Let's Sleigh Together, KBShimmer Flake Dance

I had every bottle I could possibly want in my cart the morning they went on sale. But that Angel that sits on one shoulder, the one with the voice that sounds just like my Mom, was ranting that I already have so much polish and I didn’t need all of those. Well, she beat out the Devil that day, but has lost the battle on every subsequent visit to their website. 🙂

I have 4 polishes to show you today and I am sure I’ll be referring back to them often as I work on my holiday nail art.
KBShimmer Too Cold To Hold, sapphire blue textured polish
Too Cold To Hold is a my first textured polish from KBShimmer and I want to be clear that this is NOT your mainstream textured polish! I’m not knocking them and have a healthy collection of Liquid Sand and Pixie Dust, this is just, well, more intense. Oh my!! It is sapphire blue and loaded with micro to medium sized silver, blue and green holographic glitters and even some small red glitters that weren’t mentioned in their description. This is some thick polish, but it goes on really easy and I could have stopped after just 1 coat. I think I applied 2 just because I am so accustomed to doing so.
KBShimmer Too Cold To Hold, sapphire blue textured polish
Here’s a close up shot so you can get a better look at all of the magical glitter I was telling you about! I love the look of textured polish so I wore it without topcoat in the first design I showed you “It’s Frosty! Guest Post at Craftynail”. But I will also be showing you how spectacular it looks with 2 coats of good topcoat in an upcoming design.
KBShimmer Snow Way!, sky blue glitter crelly polish

Snow Way! is a sky blue crelly polish with a medium amount of white glitter in various sizes and a touch of micro silver sparkle. Originally released in 2012, it has been so popular that they keep bringing it back. I can’t say I am surprised!

This one was a little tricky to apply compared to my other crelly glitters, so I reached out to owner Christy Rose for tips. I know I can be a bit heavy handed, often getting away with 2 coats when 3 are recommended, and I learned that you can’t do that with this beauty. Thin coats are essential and I’ll define thin as picking up such a small amount of polish on the brush that I needed to dip again for each stroke. She also recommended letting the polish dry completely between each coat, which thankfully happens pretty quickly. By following her tips I was very happy with my results from 3 THIN coats plus topcoat. Thanks Christy!

KBShimmer Snow Way!, sky blue glitter crelly polish
Here’s a close up so you can see all of the different sizes of white glitter as well as that micro sparkle I told you about. I didn’t do any fishing for the larger glitters or rearrange them on my nail. You got to see this polish decorated with snowmen and decals in “It’s Frosty! Guest Post at Craftynail”.
KBShimmer Let's Sleigh Together, white crelly polish blue green glitter
Let’s Sleigh Together is a soft grey crelly with various size hex glitters in green, navy and pale mint. There’s also larger circle glitters in blueberry and micro holographic glitters for sparkle, like you saw in Snow Way! This formula applied perfectly and was fully opaque on me in 2 somewhat thicker coats. The glitter is dispersed naturally in this photo and I applied 1 coat of topcoat.
KBShimmer Let's Sleigh Together, white crelly polish blue green glitter
And here is the close up so you can see just how many different colors and sizes of glitter are in this shade as well as the micro sparkle. I did fish out and place an extra blueberry circle or 2 for this photo.
KBShimmer Flake Dance, holographic snowflakes glitter topper

Flake Dance is a gorgeous topper full of mixed sized silver holographic glitters and large snowflakes. If it looks this magical under a daylight bulb, just imagine it on your nails! This is a very versatile topper and I am so glad I purchased it! You’ve already seen me fish out a few of the larger snowflakes to accent my nails in “It’s Frosty! Guest Post at Craftynail”. And you’ll get to see me use it as a topper in an upcoming design. Glitter placement will most likely be required when you apply this polish and you’ll also need a coat or 2 of good topcoat to smooth out the surface.

Did you pick up any lovelies from KBShimmer’s Winter Collection? If so, I’d love to hear your choices! All of these colors are available now from KBShimmer. Stay turned for more swatches, reviews and NAIL ART created with these awesome polishes!

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the next post.