Black Roses and Poison Apples: Stamped Nail Art Design

I told you a little while back that I was on a lace kick, but never finished showing you the designs that I created. Sorry about that! The previous design was demure, but this one is a goes a little more to the dark side, literally. I don’t know if you watch Nashville, but we’ve been catching up on episodes in Tivo and I had the song Scarlett sang about black roses in my head when I was working on this.
Black Cat Lacquer Poison Apple, red thermal polish

It’s been a little while since I’ve worn a thermal and when I saw this beauty from Black Cat Lacquer I couldn’t resist.
Black Cat Lacquer Poison Apple, red thermal polish
I started by applying 2 coats of Black Cat Lacquer Poison Apple over my basecoat. The jelly formula starts of sheer but builds easily. This thermal is a bright cherry red when warm and a deep oxblood red when cold and it transitions easily. Do you see the sparkle?? It’s the touch of scattered holo they added! I finished with a coat of HK Girl Fast Drying Topcoat.
Black Cat Lacquer Poison Apple, Mundo de Unas, Vivid Lacquer VL-032, red thermal polish
Next I stamped 3 different patterns from Vivid Lacquer VL-032 on all of my fingers using Mundo de Unas Light Gold. I love that the designs Anni chose for this plate coordinate so well and that she provided full images of the 2 different lace patterns she used. So much potential for creativity with this plate!
Black Cat Lacquer Poison Apple, Mundo de Unas, Vivid Lacquer VL-032, red thermal polish
Then I used Mundo de Unas Black to spread the rose branch design across my middle and ring fingers.
Black Cat Lacquer Poison Apple, Mundo de Unas, Vivid Lacquer VL-032, red thermal polish
Black Cat Lacquer Poison Apple, Mundo de Unas, Vivid Lacquer VL-032, red thermal polish
This was a fairly easy nail art design to do, but I felt it had so much impact from the amazing thermal and lace designs combined with black and gold.
Black Cat Lacquer Poison Apple, Mundo de Unas, Vivid Lacquer VL-032

Product Recap
Basecoat and Topcoat: NailTek Foundation II and HK Girl Fast Drying Topcoat
Base polish: Black Cat Lacquer Poison Apple
Stamping plate: Vivid Lacquer VL-032
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas Black and Light Gold

Do you enjoy thermal polishes as much as I do? I think it’s so fun to find a different color on your nails each time you gaze at them.

I hope you enjoyed this design and I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading. I’ll see you at the next post.

  • WOOHOO! I am so excited for you and I would love to see it! Could you attach it to a reply? Or post it on my Facebook page? <3

  • Erin Hall Lewis

    Woohoo! Finally did one and it turned out GREAT! I now have an incredibly festive little holly sprig in gold and green adorning one of my thumbs. …yes, it's the only one I got to work but now I finally know which topcoats I have that actually work for this. I am SO EXCITED TO DO THIS MORE!!!

  • Thanks so much Ali! It's fun to do designs like this that are out of my typical realm! <3

  • This is so beautiful! Extra vampy and high on sex appeal!

  • Thanks so much Erin! Wow, I got compared to a Bond Girl gown…I like it!! <3

  • Erin Hall Lewis

    This is stylin' and totally chiq. This combo makes me think of an evening gown worn by a bond girl at a casino in some place classier than I've ever been. Gorgeous!

  • LOL, double bad! Hey, on the bright side, it made the troubleshooting easy! Let me know how you decals turn out! <3

  • Thanks so much Anne! <3

  • Hmmm, HK Girl is very similar in thickness, but maybe try something cheap & thin just to see if that is the cause.

  • The Nail Smith (Millie)

    I use Seche Vite, I guess it could be that mine is a bit thick 😛 lol

  • This is beautiful and super sexy!!! 😉

  • Thanks Erin! Great question! I know exactly what you mean by stiff and cracky and have experienced it myself. I find the decals are easiest to work with when they are fresh..right after your paint, polish, or topcoat has dried (depending on the order of your steps). Find an area you can touch gently with your finger to check, or maybe even consider adding a touch of paint/polish on an area of the decal that will get cut off just to use for checking. If that's not possible, I store them ON the mat or stamper in a Zip-Lock bag until I am ready to use them to help keep them soft. Tupperware would also work. If these steps don't help, the stiffness can also be caused by your topcoat. Seche Vite made the stiffest decals I've seen yet, even when fresh! HTH! <3

  • Thanks you very much! YAY for thermals on the way! I haven't tried anything from Polished by KPT so I would love to hear what you think of them. Poison Apple is really amazing…highly recommend if you like reds and can find it anywhere. <3

  • Thank you Millie! I have had some thermals that weren't very good changers, but I can't say I've ever had a problem with topcoat effecting them the ability of the good ones. The 2nd photo was taken right after a coat of HK Girl and the thermal went nuts! What topcoat do you use?

  • Me too Manna! <3

  • Erin Hall Lewis

    This is a great tutorial, thank you! How long would you say you wait between the creation of the decals and the application? I once tried this and wanted to be sure my polish was dry but the decal got all stiff and cracky. Cracky is not a word, but do you know what I mean? I DID wait quite a while… like overnight. So I'm guessing that's too long.

  • Wow, beautiful design! And I just love thermals! Well, I don't own any yet, but I've ordered 3 thermals from Polished by KPT, and I just can't wait to receive them… This Poison Apple is gorgeous by the way!

  • The Nail Smith (Millie)

    This is such a gorgeous mani! But how do you manage to get the thermal to still change even with a couple different layers of top coat? Whenever I try, it majorly affects the color changing ability 🙁

  • I love thermals, so pretty!

  • Good question! I sadly don't have time to keep up on the latest videos, so I the methods I showed in my video were the tried and true ways that I have been creating decals. I would worry about removal from silicone without damaging the decal since it isn't as firm a surface. I'll try to pick up a firm silicone and give it a shot though. If you happen to try it first I would love to hear your results! <3

  • Application was miserable for me over a wet nail too, that's what got me to try it dry. You may have to test a few topcoats to find one that will create a soft enough decal for it to kind of mold to your nail before you topcoat it. Best of luck!! Fingers crossed!

  • Happy to help! <3

  • Oh, I had a question! I have seen other decal videos where they are making them on a silicone stamper. Why is it you suggest using the hard rubber ones?