Nail News! MoYou London Metallic Stamping Polishes!

MoYou London has been busy working to add more stamping polish colors to their existing collection. This week they will be releasing 7 new Metallic Stamping Polishes. And they stamp over Black!! Shall we take a look?
MoYou London Metallic Stamping polish launch 11-7-14
Photo provided by MoYou London
MoYou London Metallic Stamping polish launch 11-7-14

I apologize that I only have a single image of the polishes. But I think that you’ll get a good impression of the colors between the photo and descriptions below. And, of course, you’ll be able to see the individual photos when they launch on MoYou London’s website tomorrow.


MoYou London Metallic Stamping polish launch 11-7-14

From left to right:

1. Royal Up – a metallic blue that “reminds me of a shimmery midnight violet colour”
2. Croco Spark – a green metallic that will have you “thinking of the green feathers on peacocks and birds of paradise”
3. Jungle Gold – a green/gold metallic. “Think safari, Explorer Collection, sand and sun kissed skin.”
4. Ginger Rust – a gold metallic and “another holiday sun kissed colour”. “This one is more bronze than Jungle Gold, so it reminds me of chilling in the sun somewhere like Ibiza. But it’s also warm like autumn leaves. So basically great for all seasons.”
5. Ladygold Pink – a pink/gold metallic. “Great for this time of year and reminds me of the light you get at night when the ground has a layer of snow…moonlit snow. But also another colour perfect for beautifully tanned skin.”
6. Purple Haze – the purple metallic. “This is PURPLE. Think party season, 70’s disco, amethyst.”

7. Silver Dust – a silver metallic. “Silver fans will love this one! I’m thinking Festive 02 snowflakes. It’s simply silver.”

These colors will be available tomorrow, November 7th. I originally thought the price would be the same as their current offerings, £3.99, but found out today that and each 9ml bottle retails for £10.99 (approximately $17.50). You can purchase them directly from MoYou London. There was also some confusion about when the free international shipping is ending. Apparently we had 24 hours more than I originally posted and it will end for me at 5PM MST today.


Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the next post.