Nail News! MoYou London ALICE IN WONDERLAND Launch + New FESTIVE Plate + New Stamping Polish Colors

MoYou London has been very busy this week and I have lots to tell you about today! First, they are introducing a new Alice In Wonderland Collection. Second, they are adding a new Festive plate. And finally they are adding 5 more polish colors. Let’s take a look!
MoYou London Alice In Wonderland Collection Launch 11-21-14
MoYou London Alice in Wonderland Collection Launch 11-21-14

ย First let’s meet Alice. Her imagination takes her stamping to another level! Come join her adventures in wonderland.
“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
– Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
There will be 4 new plates releasing on Friday: 2 Collage style, 1 Regular size (1.5cm x 1.2cm) and 1 XL size (2.0cm x 1.5cm). Personally, I am not much of an Alice in Wonderland fan. The designs look cute, but I won’t have much commentary today since I can’t relate, but I do want to show you the plates. I know there was a lot of excitement about this collection on MoYou’s Facebook page and I hope the true Alice in Wonderland fans got what they were hoping for with these plates! If not, tune in next week, as I am sure there will be more!


MoYou London Alice in Wonderland Collection 01 plate
MoYou London Alice in Wonderland Collection 02 plate
MoYou London Alice in Wonderland Collection 03 plate
MoYou London Alice in Wonderland Collection 04 plate


There will also be a new Festive plate released tomorrow and almost all of the Winter Festive plates have been restocked (Festive 2 with the snowflakes is absent). I expect these plates will sell out fast ladies, so order quickly if you want them!


MoYou London Festive Collection 08 plate
Here’s the new Collage style Festive plate. I like the abstract trees, the fir tree branches and pine cones that could make for an interesting, nontraditional holiday manicure.


MoYou London 5 new stamping polish colors

And finally I have the 5 new polish colors for you. I didn’t have a chance to ask for descriptions of the colors, but I think these are more obvious than the metallic polishes they released recently.

So, Alice in Wonderland fans, did MoYou London impress you with this new collection? I may pick up the new Festive plate tomorrow to round out my collection. Again, please don’t wait to order if you want the Festive plates! If they sell out they probably won’t be back again before the holidays.

These plates and polishes will be released on Friday, November 21st, and can be purchased directly from MoYou London. The plates retail for ยฃ4.99 (approximately $8.50).


Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the next post.
  • I really like plate 01 and 02 (teapots! Suprising no one) but other than that I am kinda meh on these. I am only mildly annoyed that they weren't released before the end of free shipping, because TEA PLATES. I could give a pass on the rest though. The pine cones and acorns on the Festive plate are cute (and those paw prints!), but my brain won't get over the fact that acorns don't grow on coniferous trees. Such a know-it-all. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Very cool!! I love the use of Douceur for a negative space mani. Very good idea!

  • Hey Millie! It's good to hear from an Alice in Wonderland lover that they did good with these! And I am betting there will be more for your Wishlist next. Gosh, wouldn't it be nice to receive these as a holiday gift?? You could start a Pinterest board and share it with those you exchange gifts with…hint, hint! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • It looks like the bunny they had atop the new white stamping polish last week and I loved him then! Too cute!

  • Oh I LOVE that description! Thank you very much Erin! <3

  • Thanks so much Kat! Glad you liked the charms too! <3

  • I can almost hear you signing this to me my friend! Thank you! And I have patted myself on the back and I thank you for giving me another! Never fear, you will always be able to live vicariously through me, when it comes to bling because you know i LOVE it! These nails were so impractical, but totally fun, celebratory, and ME. So glad you liked them Kim!! <3

  • Erin Hall Lewis

    Now THIS is kicking the bling up to an 11. Love it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • The Nail Smith (Millie)

    I've been waiting to see these since MoYou teased us about an upcoming collection on Facebook! And OMG THEY'RE ADORABLE!!! I especially love the first and fourth plates in the Alice collection ๐Ÿ˜€ Time to add some more plates to my wishlist… lol

  • I looove this! Those charms are sooo cute. And more power to your awesome blog!

  • I have to say, I'm with you a bit on this collection's images…meh. The quotes seem the most interesting.
    But…I love that lop-eared bunny image atop each plate. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Happy 100th post to you , Happy 100th post to you, you've done a great thing, happy 100th post to you!! (Now, aren't you glad I didn't upload a sound file for this!! LOL
    I'm so pleased for you for meeting 3 biggie milestones!! I hope you've given yourself a pat on the back because you've given us lots of well thought out and fun designs to peruse and be inspired by. So – we thank you too!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    You know I'm a bit shy when it comes to the bling – although I'm very happy to live vicariously through your beautiful long fingers & nails….I loved these though!! They are so festive and impish with the little pink glitters poking through the negative spaces. And, the charms are so celebratory – perfect for this occasion!!

  • Thank you very much Joanne! I love using those rings when I am doing a really blinged out design! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Your nails look amazing. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ The ring is really interesting.