MoYou London Stamping Gift Set Review

It’s never a bad time to give a great gift to someone special or treat yourself. And with Christmas right around the corner MoYou London’s new Stamping Gift Sets will surely be well received. Listen up Gentlemen, if your Lady likes nail art, she will LOVE this! These sets are also perfect if you want to try stamping for the first time, since everything you need can be included. Stay with me while I show you how to create your perfect set!

MoYou London Stamping Gift Box

The most important thing to know about these sets is that they can be completely customized. You can choose everything…from the box to each item that gets placed inside. Or you can let MoYou do the choosing for you.
MoYou London Stamping Gift Box
You start by choosing the Sets tab at MoYou London’s website. From there you can choose an Empty Box to build your gift, as was done here, or a Complete Set filled with 2 plates, 3 polishes and a rectangle stamper all chosen by MoYou. The box itself feels very well made and is custom decorated, inside and out, to match to plate sleeve for a particular collection.
MoYou London Stamping Gift Box
If you choose to go with the Empty Box just add your favorite to your cart. Then you’ll want to get busy filling up the empty compartments. As you see, the box was created to perfectly store your stamping plates, a stamp and scraper, and 3 bottles of stamping polish.
MoYou London Stamping Gift Box
I got 5 stamping plates with my box, but it will hold up to 8 comfortably. You’ll notice that the sleeves aren’t the same and that’s because they don’t have to be. Again, this set can be completely custom and you get to choose the plates you want from any collection. If you wanted to get a Pro box and fill it with Pro plates you can, but you can also mix in some Gothic or Festive, or any other plate that catches your eye. Go to the Plates tab and begin adding your favorite plates to your cart.
MoYou London Stamping Gift Box
You can choose your Stamp and Scraper from the Tools tab. I got the Red Classic Stamp, but their White Classic Stamp and Rectangle Stamps will also fit in the compartment. All of their other stamps are too big for the box. However they can certainly be purchased separately along with their own Storage Box for gift giving.
MoYou London Stamping Gift Box
Finally you can choose up to 3 stamping polishes from the Polish tab. When I first reviewed this box in 2014 there were 12 colors available but now there are literally dozens. Something for everyone!
MoYou London Stamping Gift Box
Add all of your choices to your cart and your stamping gift box is complete with everything in it’s place. See the nicely decorated inside of the box top? Even the inner sides of the box are decorated!
MoYou London Stamping Gift Box

The back of the box is color coordinated and includes a larger, easier to read version of the stamping instructions you’ll find on every plate sleeve along with a picture tutorial.

The box itself measures 5 3/4″ square by nearly 1 1/2″ tall, making it an easy keepsake to store. Fully stocked my set weighed in at a little over 1 pound. If you want to stump someone with their Christmas gift stick one of these small, heavy boxes under the tree!

I would love to hear what you think of these new stamping gift sets! How happy would you be to get one of these as a present? Do you like having the option to completely customize your gift box or would you choose a pre-filled set?

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the next post.
  • Hi there Mandy! I am so happy to hear you enjoy my blog. Great question about the box! I fiddled around with the dividers and they are only attached to the sides of the box, not the bottom. They are on there pretty good, but I think you could remove them with a razor blade and intent. It would probably leave a void in the decoration where they were connected, which wouldn't be noticeable once you've filled the box with plates. It's good hear that you want to store the plates standing up, because I don't think 2 rows of plates laid down flat would fit. And, just for the sake of being thorough, the lid would no longer fit with the plates standing on edge, but you could rest it on top. I am sorry for the long reply, but I hope it is helpful!

  • Mandy

    Hi Karolyn,
    I love your blog! I'm interested to know whether you could easily remove the dividers inside the box so it could be filled with plates standing up on their long edge?