Nail News! MoYou London COOKBOOK Collection Launches!

I am sorry my Wednesday MoYou London post is a bit late! They are launching another new collection this week and I was trying to get some additional information before I posted. Let’s take a look at the Cookbook Collection!
MoYou London Cookbook Collection launches 10-31-14
MoYou London Cookbook Collection Launch 10-31-14

When I first heard about this new Cookbook Collection on Monday some fairly delicious visions started swirling around in my head. Maybe in your head too. Since we are heading into the holiday season, I was thinking a roasted turkey, pies and cakes, cupcakes and Christmas cookies I could decal and decorate…things like that. While that’s not what I’m seeing in the 1st five plates, I surely won’t count MoYou London out or discount this collection because they have surprised me before with subsequent releases.

First let’s meet Cherry, our new mascot. “She cooked you something special for this Friday release and you won’t be disappointed!”

They will be releasing 5 new plates on Friday: 2 Regular size (1.5cm x 1.2cm) and 3 “XLish/Combo” plates, as I’ve decided to call them.  Just when me, and all of you other MoYou London shoppers, have gotten the plate design sizes down they decided to shake things up with something new!

As you’ll see below, the “XLish/Combo” plate is made up of a collage style circle that contains 5 designs, 6 rectangular designs presented on their sides, and a shorter long rectangle strip that runs across the bottom of the plate. I received the following information about the sizes from MoYou London: the entire circle is 4.7cm across and the design in the center of it is 1.6cm across, the 6 designs presented sideways are in fact full XL size (2.0cm x 1.5cm) and the strip across the bottom is 4.8cm x 1.4cm. Thanks Jayne!
MoYou London Cookbook Collection 01 plate
This is the first of the “XLish/Combo” plates I was telling you about above. I do find the new layout interesting but, aside from the circle, I have concerns about how the designs will fit on my nails. I wasn’t expecting so much silverware in a Cookbook series, but I do see some cookware utensils and food in the circle. I can’t see myself using this plate, but a Chef may fall in love with it.
MoYou London Cookbook Collection 02 plate
The 2nd plate in the collection is the Regular size plate we are used to. This plate appears to be a compilation of images from the 01 plates above redesigned into the rectangle format. Plus a few new designs like the “I ♥ Cooking” in the bottom row.
MoYou London Cookbook Collection 03 plate
The 3rd plate is also the “XLish/Combo” style and clearly the theme here is COFFEE. While this beverage isn’t the first thing that jumps into my head when I am thinking about Cookbooks, I do LOVE my coffee and could see myself creating a fun look with these designs. I expect this plate will make it’s way into my cart.
MoYou London Cookbook Collection 04 plate
The 2nd Regular size plate continues on with the Coffee theme. They’ve added several designs here that I really love, including the 2 abstract coffee cups in the first column and the lady holding the coffee in her hand at the end of the middle row to name a few. And, since these aren’t full nail designs, I don’t need to worry about fit. So, if the 1st coffee plate ends up in my cart this one will be right there with it.
MoYou London Cookbook Collection 05 plate

The final plate is also “XLish/Combo” style with a distinct Fast Food theme. Favorite foods come up as challenge prompts now and then and I never seem to have the right plates to do it. Not that I’m a fast food junkie, but who doesn’t love pizza, a burger and ice cream once in a while??

I would love to hear your thoughts on the new Cookbook Collection! Were you expecting something different too? If so, please tell me what you are looking forward to seeing on these plates in the future.

These plates will be released on Friday, October 31st, and retail for £4.99 (approximately $8.50). You can purchase them directly from MoYou London and shipping is FREE for orders over £15.

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the next post.