Sayonara Summer: Neon Water Decal Design + Video Tutorial


Hey there Nail Artists! When OPI first released it’s Neon Collection for summer I rushed to pick up the mini set to help me decide which colors I liked best in order to purchase full bottles. I got so busy doing other things and was a bit sad when I came across the set, unused, in my closet recently. I decided to rectify the situation immediately and created a neon nail art design to send summer off in style.
Sayonara Summer nail art design OPI Neon Juice Bar Hopping & You Are So Outta Lime

I had some Born Pretty Store water decals on hand that had looked predominantly purple on their website, but turned out to be full of colors when they arrived here.

Born Pretty Water Decal 15190
I tried the decal against all 6 colors in OPI’s Little Bits of Neon set and found that the orange and green polishes set them off best.
Sayonara Summer nail art design OPI Neon Juice Bar Hopping & You Are So Outta Lime
 I started with a base of OPI’s Put A Coat On, a white base coat that helps the neon colors look their brightest. Then I applied 2 coats of You Are So Outta Lime to my thumb, index and pinky fingers and Juice Bar Hopping to the remaining fingers. I finished with a coat of HK Girl’s Fast Drying Topcoat and took a break to let my polish dry completely, an important step when working with water decals.
Sayonara Summer nail art design OPI Neon Juice Bar Hopping & You Are So Outta Lime
Next I selected the best decal size for the 3 nails I planned to use them on. If your nails have a pronounced C curve you’ll want to choose a decal 2-3 times bigger than you would expect for full coverage. I ended up using the largest size in the pack, which I never thought I would need, on my thumb for a perfect fit.

I’ll insert the video here so you can see exactly how I applied the decals. Since I try to keep the videos short, I often have to remove my wordy helpful tips. I have read that many people struggle with applying water decals, so I wanted to list all of the tips that helped me below.

1. In case you missed these above: be sure to let your polish dry completely before you begin and select a decal 2-3 sizes bigger than you’d expect to wear if your fingernails have a pronounced C curve.

2. Slide the wet decal off of the paper backing and onto your nail. It doesn’t matter if you have the decal facing up or down towards your nail when you do this, but do not remove the decal from the backing and try to apply it any other way. These decals are very, very thin and fold up into themselves immediately if they are given the chance, and there is no fixing them once they have done that.

3. Keep your fingernail and the decal wet until you are completely satisfied with it’s placement on your nail. Yes, your work area will get a little wet, plan for it with a layer or 2 of paper towel. As long as the decal is wet you can move it around, but it will be stuck in place the second it dries.

4. Once you are happy with the position, dab gently with paper towel to remove the excess water. Go easy or you could end up removing parts of the decal accidentally. Allow the nail to air dry for a few minutes and finish with topcoat.

5. Any excess decal can be easily cut away with cuticle scissors, filed off or removed with a small brush dipped in acetone.
Sayonara Summer finished with Born Pretty 2mm neon studs #7219
I completed my design with Born Pretty Store 2mm round neon studs in coordinating colors applied with a small dab of topcoat.
Sayonara Summer product recap
Product Recap
Basecoat & Topcoat: OPI “Put A Coat On” and HK Girl Fast Drying Topcoat

Base polishes: OPI “Juice Bar Hopping” and “You Are So Outta Lime”

Embellishments: Water Decals and Neon Studs from the Born Pretty Store Water decals are a great way to get a quick, professional looking nail art design if stamping and/or freehand isn’t your thing. They are also a quick alternative to stamping if you feel like trying something different. Don’t forget to use my code NAWW10 for 10% off of your purchase at the Born Pretty Store! I hope you enjoyed this design and I’d would love to hear your thoughts! I had fun wearing these super bright colors! Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the next post.