Nail News! MoYou London ZODIAC Collection Update!

Hey Nail Artists! MoYou London released the second plate in the Zodiac Collection today. The zodiac calendar tells me that tomorrow is that last day for the Leo ladies, so that means it’s your turn to shine Virgo!
MoYou London Zodiac Collection launch
You met Aurora in my previous post about this collection and she knows what’s going on with you this month!

“Are you Virgo?
Are you charming, sensitive and kind?
Ingenious, wise and quick thinking?
Giving, kind and compassionate?
Harmony seeking?
Dignified and thoughtful?
Happy Birthday lovely Virgo stamping girls!


MoYou London Zodiac Collection stamping plate 08 VIRGO
 I really like the plate they’ve created for the Virgo ladies! Many of my close relationships have been with Virgo’s, most importantly my Mom. Aurora couldn’t have described her qualities more perfectly and I love seeing them depicted in art. My Mom’s not just an angel, but she loves to collect them. She’s always getting behind one cause or another, the lady carrying the torch. And the avid gardener in her that loves to nurture all her gardens will love the flowers, butterflies and scrolling leaves. But I’m not actually a Virgo myself, so I hope the Virgo’s feel that their sign was well represented in this design.

It is my understanding that MoYou London will continue to add a new plate every month outside of the Friday release cycle and in accordance with the zodiac calendar. So you can expect your plate to be available a day or two before your sign begins.

This plate retails for £4.99 (approximately $8.50 depending on the conversion rate) and is available now. You can order it directly from MoYou London. Shipping is still free to the US for orders over £15 so take advantage while you can!


Thanks for reading this post! I think I will be back with another in a few short days!