Nail News! MoYou London TROPICAL Collection Expansion!

Hello Nail Artists! It’s that time again to show you the new plates MoYou London is releasing this week. They will be adding 6 plates to the Tropical Collection they just launched last week. I was in love with collection last week and the love just keeps growing. Let’s take a look!
MoYou London Tropical Collection Expansion 8-1-14
Last week Coral shared the flowers in her hair. These week she’s serving up some fruit from her tropical cocktail. Of the 6 new plates there will be 1 collage style, 2 Regular size (1.5cm x 1.2cm) and 3 XL size (2.0cm x 1.5cm). Once again every design is available in both sizes and I’ve tried to indicate how they match up in case you are like me and occasionally buy both sizes for a perfect fit.
MoYou London Tropical 07 plate
I tend to buy more of the individual image plates, but I am really liking this collage plate. Very usable with so many design possibilities.
MoYou London Tropical 08 plate
And here’s were the love really starts flowing for me. I LOVE that they combined the fruits with a background design! Built-in double stamping! And the fruits are begging to be filled in with some LeadLighting after you’ve stamped. Love! Love! Did I say Love?
MoYou London Tropical Collection 09 plate
And here they are in the XL version of the designs I was ogling above. This plate includes the top and bottom rows of the 08 plate. Oh dilemmas! Which size to buy??
MoYou London Tropical Collection 10
I never seem to have enough tropical leaves and I bet these will work great with the floral plates I have on the way. The pineapple and pineapple head are awesome! This plate includes the middle rows from plates 08 and 12.
MoYou London Tropical Collection 11 plate
OMG! What was I just saying about the tropical leaves? This plate is a MUST have! These designs are from the top and bottom rows of plate 12.
MoYou London Tropical Collection 12
And last, but never least, this plate includes all of the lovely tropical leaf designs we’ve just seen on the XL plates.

OK, so how many of you are kicking yourselves for rushing to place your order last week? Yeah, me too. The flowers were just so gorgeous and I couldn’t control myself. With new plates coming out every week it’s so hard to decide when to pull the trigger and place an order. Good thing for us that shipping is still free to the US!

I would love to hear your thoughts on these new plates. This whole collection has been a winner for me! I NEED those fruit and leaf designs and now I have to struggle to decide which size plate to order. Or, I could just do what I did last week and get both. There, problem solved!

These plates will be released on Friday, July 1st, and retail for £4.99 (approximately $8.50 depending on the conversion rate). Shipping to the US continues to be FREE for orders over £15! You can purchase them directly from MoYou London.

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the next post.