MoYou London PRO 19 XL Review and Holo Gradient Stamped Nail Art


Hello Nail Artists! I am excited to present you with another MoYou London plate review. I’d like to thank the ladies at MoYou London again for this opportunity! I have decided to review each of the plates I received separately so I can spend a fair amount of time working with the plate and create a unique design for you.

MoYou London Pro 19 XL review and nail art design

I’ve spent the last few days working with this MoYou London Pro 19 XL plate. It was one of two XL plates included in the June Pro Collection expansion and I will have the other one coming up for you shortly.

Image for MoYou London Pro Collection 19 XL stamping plate
All MoYou London plates come packaged in a decorative sleeve, shown above, with a different custom design for each collection. They are also coated with the protective layer of blue plastic shown above that needs to be removed before you use the plate. Each collection has a mascot and Joan is our Pro. The next time you are shopping Pro plates in the MoYou London store click the “Additional Information” tab to get a chuckle out of Joan’s “qualifications”. I think the sleeves are such a fun part of the experience that I store my plates in a box with the sleeve on, open end up so I can see the plate numbers in the notch out they added a few months ago.
Measurements for MoYou London Pro 19 XL plate
 The designs are etched into a stainless steel plate that measures 12cm x 6cm (4.72″ x 2.36″) and is mounted on top of a thick plastic base. The edges of the steel plate are rounded off and beveled and the plastic base extends out another 2mm so there is no chance of cutting yourself, or having your child get cut, on any sharp metal. All of the XL plates have 12 different designs that measure 2.0cm x 1.5cm (.78″ x .59″) each. For more information on Regular size plates see my Artist 17 Review.
Test stamps for MoYou London Pro Collection 19 XL stamping plate

When I am testing stamping plates I use inexpensive drugstore polish, Sinful Colors Black on Black here, and my favorite XL squishy stamper from eBay. I’ve found that a well etched, quality plate will perform great using that combination of tools. I’ll only bring out the real stamping polish during testing if I am having trouble getting an image to pick up. Many of these designs have some very tiny details in them and I was happy to see them reproduce perfectly. Designs that require large areas to be filled with polish can also be problematic, but the big dot design in the top row stamped fine. You can click on the picture to make the swatch sheet bigger.

Holo gradient using Dance Legend WOW Prism polish in Steel Panther Quiet Riot and Gothic Veil

Here’s the reason this review was delayed some. The abstract, “3d’ish” dot designs on this plate begged to be stamped over a holographic base. And the base that I envisioned did not yet reside in my polish drawers. This happens to everyone, right?? 🙂 Normally they would arrive quickly, but my order got delayed because Llarowe is in the process of moving. Anyhow, I’ve been having a pretty serious love affair with Dance Legend’s WOW Prism Collection and I used three of those polishes in this design: Steel Panther, Quiet Riot and Gothic Veil. Steel Panther is semi-sheer so I applied 3 coats to every finger except my ring finger where I applied 2 coats of Gothic Veil. I finished with HK Girl Topcoat and let the polish dry completely before I started working on the gradients.

Photo of abstract dot nail art design created with MoYou London 19 XL stamping plate
Photographed indoors under fluorescent lighting
Photo of abstract dot nail art design created with MoYou London 19 XL stamping plate
Photographed outdoors in direct sunlight.

I thought it would add interest if I stamped a gradient design over the holographic gradient base. I used Mundo de Unas stamping polishes in black, light grey and white. I painted a row of each color onto the design at the top left of the plate, then I scraped from the light to dark to allow the colors to blend a bit. I stamped the result on my middle finger. I inverted the plate and reversed the placement of the stamping polish colors so I could use the same design on the reverse holographic base on my ring finger.

Photo of abstract dot nail art design created with MoYou London 19 XL stamping plate
Photographed outdoors in direct sunlight

I stamped my pointer finger using 1/2 of the 5th design on the bottom row applied sideways and used the other 1/2 the same way on my pinky. I was going for the look of continuous dots flowing across all four fingernails Although you can’t see it as well in this photo, I stamped my thumb with my favorite design on the plate, the 3rd design on the bottom row that I dubbed “going down the rabbit hole”. Scroll up to the previous photo for a better look.

I have one last photo to share and it is the result of a “happy accident”. I chose the wrong menu option when I was resizing these pictures in Photoshop and ended up with many “slices” of the picture I was working on. Fortunately I looked at each one quickly before I discarded it or I would have lost this amazing macro shot. Part of what makes this picture so special is that I don’t have a camera or lens remotely capable of taking this shot and, even if I did, I probably wouldn’t get a result this good!

Product Recap
Basecoat and Topcoat: Nail Tek Foundation II and HK Girl Fast Dry Topcoat
Base Polish: Dance Legend WOW Prism Steel Panther, Quiet Riot and Gothic Veil
Stamping plates: MoYou London Pro 19 XL
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas Black (2), White (1) and Light Grey (33)

In conclusion, this plate gets 2 thumbs up! The quality is excellent and the detailed designs reproduce perfectly crisp. If you enjoy creating Skittle or Skittlette designs, as I do, you’ll love all of the options you’ll find on this plate.

It is available now and retails for £4.99 (approximately $8.50 depending on the conversion rate). You can purchase it directly from MoYou London. They are still offering free AirMail shipping to the US on orders over £15 so take advantage while you can!

Thank your for reading this review! I hope you found it helpful and also enjoyed the nail art design I created. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the Comment section below. I read and respond to each one. I’ll see you at the next post!