Born Pretty Store Loose Glitter Review + Easy Colorblock Nail Art Video Tutorial


Hello Everyone! I hope your weekend is off to a great start! Today I have a review for an item I selected from the Born Pretty Store. This time I picked a loose glitter because I had never tried it before and I wanted to challenge myself a little. I kept the challenge going by creating my first HD video tutorial with my new DSLR.

Born Pretty Store loose glitter review and easy colorblock nail art video tutorial

I have lots of colored polishes that contain glitter, glitter toppers and even a few pots of that very fine loose glitter that sticks to everything, but I had never tried a chunkier loose glitter like this one. Purple is my favorite color and the variation I choose (there are 7 of them) had an abundant amount of medium purple and lavender mixed with hot pink and black. The combination is so perfect I would swear they made this blend just for me! It is made up of thin, flat hex glitters in at least 4 different sizes.

Born Pretty Store loose glitter review and easy colorblock nail art video tutorial

My jar arrived about 1/2 full and I was worried that I wasn’t going to have enough glitter to do some testing and a full manicure. It turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong, but more about that later. I proceeded to waste lots of time sprinkling a little tiny bit of glitter over lots of polish swatches to see how it reacted over various colors. Please don’t repeat my mistake!

Born Pretty Store loose glitter review and easy colorblock nail art video tutorial

This is a full coverage glitter. Sure, you’ll want to choose polish colors that coordinate with it, or provide it with a neutral backdrop as I did, but you don’t have to be concerned about the glitter changing in appearance or “getting lost” in your polish. For this design I’ve applied it over China Glaze “Dandy Lyin Around” and Essie “Sand Tropez”.

Born Pretty Store loose glitter review and easy colorblock nail art video tutorial

My final challenge was to fulfill my obsessive need to create a somewhat unique design. My inspiration came from @TheNailBoss, an east coast Nail Artist who only works in acrylic and creates the most amazing designs with it. If you haven’t heard of him I encourage you to check out his work on Instagram, or do a search for the articles about him in the nail magazines.

Here’s the first HD video I mentioned. I decided to shake things up a bit and step out from behind the curtain nails. It’s a fully narrated review, so just Mute and Fast Forward if you are only interested in the nail art process. I am still a newbie with this video stuff so constructive criticism is welcome in the Comment section below.

Born Pretty Store loose glitter review and easy colorblock nail art video tutorial

One last look at this gorgeous glitter. As I said in the video, I really enjoyed working with this glitter… once I got through my learning curve that I’ve only mentioned here on the blog. It was easy to apply and maneuver to suit your design. If you end up with any “bald spots”, or you want to alter the color layout some, just dab on a bit of topcoat with your nail art brush, moisten the tip of your orangewood stick, pick up a piece of glitter and press it on. You can purchase this color (#4) from the Born Pretty Store. It retails for $4.55, but you can get it for $4.10 by using my 10% off discount code: NAWW10. Standard shipping is always free worldwide and upgraded shipping is available for a nominal fee. I have been receiving my packages in about 2 weeks consistently. Thank you for reading! I hope you found this review helpful and enjoyed the nail art design. I’ll see you at the next post.

  • Thank you Alina! I'm glad you liked it! You are so right. This glitter blend made the mani and keeping the polish simple really set it off!

  • Beautiful! What makes it more special in my opinion is the mixture of different glitters. It wouldn't be such a nice mani if the glitters were of the same shape and color. Good choice!

  • Thanks Anne! I've never done a design quite like this before and I was really happy with the results!

  • I love the design you did with this! Very creative and beautiful!

  • Thanks Cassis! I didn't realize either! They have SO many glitter choices! I plan to pick up #2 next. I would very much appreciate you using my code! 🙂

  • Love the two-toned base, Karolyn! The glitter is pretty colours also <3 Didn't realise Born Pretty has so much glitters. Might have to have a look! Will use your code next time I shop, I don't have a code myself yet 😛