Nail News! MoYou London MOTHER NATURE Collection Expansion!

Hello Everyone! And here we are again at that wonderful day of the week when we get to see the new stamping plates MoYou London will be taunting us with on Friday. If you didn’t happen to read the “official MoYou London newsletter” in your Inbox today you may have missed out on some unexpected British humor, or a few mistakes, I’m not sure which yet, but it was amusing.
MoYou London Mother Nature collection expansion 7-11-14

There will be 3 new plates added to the collection this week. Two of them are the Collage style you are used to and 1 is a Regular size design (1.5cm x 1.2cm) plate, a first for this collection.

MoYou London Mother Nature plate 12

The design with the girl in profile blowing on a dandelion reached epic popularity and a few other brands have manufactured a similar plate. Depending on where you live, you may not have access to all of them, or maybe you just want to have them all like I do. Each brand has put their own spin on it to make it look a bit different and I like that MoYou London has decided to use hearts at the end of the stems. I also like the flowers in the girls hair. It’s a unique touch that I haven’t seen before.

MoYou London Mother Nature 13 plate

So up until now the Mother Nature Collection has been made up entirely of collage style plates. It’s clear that these designs match perfectly with plate 12, and I guess I am just not clear about their motivations. I would have questioned it less if it were called Pro 13 (which is conveniently an available number). Maybe we’ll see an XL version of this soon?

MoYou London Mother Nature plate 14

I find this plate interesting because it represents all four seasons. Sometimes just a little bit of the season, but enough to put together an interesting design.

Have any of these new Mother Nature plates inspired you? I have a thing for flowery and swirly so 12 would be my pick. These plates will be available this Friday, July 11th, and retail for £4.99 (approximately $8.50 depending on the conversion rate). **For a limited time MoYou London is offering FREE AIRMAIL SHIPPING TO THE US for orders over £15!**
They can be purchased from the MoYou London website.

Thanks for reading! See you at the next post.