Nail News! MoYou London SCI-FI and SAILOR Collection Expansions!

Hello Nail Artists! It’s Wednesday again which means we get our first look at the plates MoYou London will be released on Friday. They’ve done something a little different this week…good for them for shaking things up a bit! Perhaps you saw this teaser image that they posted to Facebook on Sunday? Let’s see what it means!
MoYou London Sci-Fi and Sailor Collection expansions 7-4-14

It means that this week we will be getting 2 new plates in the Sci-Fi Collection as well as 2 new plates in the Sailor Collection. Works for me! The Sci-Fi plates will be Regular and XL versions of the same designs, while the Sailor plates will both be collage style.

MoYou London Sci-Fi 08 plate
This is the Regular size version with designs measuring 1.5cm x1.2cm. I will share that the plates in the initial release of the Sci-Fi Collection didn’t really appeal to me. Kind of odd that the IT Geek in me wasn’t in love with the 05 plate with all the circuit board looking designs. Anyhow, I like these designs. I think they take Sci-Fi in a more mainstream direction since they are more versatile and wearable. The true Sci-Fi lovers may dislike it just for those reasons.
MoYou London Sci-Fi 09 plate
 This is the XL version with designs measuring 2cm x 1.5cm. As we all know, moving up to the XL size means we lose a few designs. But I am quite pleased with the choices they made for the designs on this plate. It has all of the more mainstream images I liked on the Regular size plate. The 3rd design on the top row is a favorite, as well as all 4 of the “honeycomb” type designs.
MoYou London Sailor Collection 09 plate
The Sailor Collection gets 2 new collage, or landscape, plates this week. Nautical nails are so popular right now so the timing couldn’t be better to release this plate. With it’s seahorses, anchors, steering wheels, rope and seagulls you’ll have everything you need for a great beachy nautical design.
MoYou London Sailor 10 plate
This plate is really cute! I love the turtle, crab, various sea plants, the school of fish…heck, I just love the whole plate! I you happen to own Sailor 08 I think the two plates will work very nicely together.

Are you loving any of these new plates? My picks would be Sci-Fi 09 and Sailor 10. These plates will be available this Friday, July 4th, and retail for £4.99 (approximately $8.50 depending on the conversion rate). They can be purchased from the MoYou London website.

Thanks for reading! See you at the next post.

  • Maricruz

    Thanks again 🙂

  • Maricruz, I just heard back that they have had some delays with the stamping sets but still plan ship them over the summer. There's a shipping promotion going on now, maybe if you can combine that with a discount code (SAMMY20, IVY20, + a few others I can't recall, sorry!) You may be able to get a great price now! Good luck!

  • Maricruz

    Yes! The sooner the better so I can get some plates I've been dying for. Thanks!

  • Hello and welcome to my blog Maricruz! I only know a little about the sets they will be releasing soon (p.s. I think this Any

  • Maricruz

    Hi, new to your blog and love it already. Do you know anything about the Moyou stamping sets they've been hinting at on their homepage? I've got lot's of plates I want but I'm holding out as much as I can to see what they're about to do.

  • Too funny Rach! That's what I love about MoYou…there's something for everyone! I appreciate your feedback!

  • Rach

    I like the other two!! 🙂
    They are all really pretty actually – good job Moyou!