July 24, 2014

Nail News! MoYou London TROPICAL Collection Launches!

Hello Nail Artists! I'm sorry my post is terribly late this week. Somehow I ended up with lots appointments in the last few days and haven't had the time to blog. It stinks when life gets in the way of nail art! MoYou London is releasing yet another brand new collection this week. I've been excited since I saw the teaser on Monday and they did not disappoint! Let's take a look!
MoYou London Tropical Collection release 7-25-14

I've mentioned before that they have a mascot representing each MoYou London collection and I'd like you to meet Coral. I am loving this girl's fun attitude! She says quit your job, buy a ticket, get a tan, fall in love and never return. And she has a few rules about vacationing: (1) Flip flops are mandatory (2) Build sand castles (3) Collect sea shells (4) Relax Eat Play! Sign me up!
They have 6 plates again for us this week: 1 collage, 2 Regular size (1.5cm x 1.2cm) and 3 XL (2.0cm x 1.5cm). Once again there will be something for everyone, no matter your nail size. A quick comparison showed that every design appears on both the Regular and XL size plates.  
MoYou London Tropical Collection 01
Here's the only collage plate in this release. They definitely nailed Tropical perfectly! I love that every time I look at this plate I noticed something different "hiding" within the design. There's Geckos, Hummingbird, Parrots, etc. Well done!
MoYou London Tropical Collection 02
So you knew there would be flowers involved when you heard tropical, right? But these flowers are different than anything I've seen on a MoYou London plate before, and I own quite a few. What I love most here is the cohesiveness of the designs, meaning that several different designs will work well together in the same manicure. For example, the 1st and 5th designs in the middle row together with the 4th design in the bottom row and that's just one of many combinations I see. You know I'm a fool for a skittle or skittlette!
MoYou London Tropical Collection 03
I am happy to report that this first XL plate in the release includes every image from plate 02. A few of the more open flower designs are just itching for LeadLighting!
MoYou London Tropical Collection 04
I LOVE that they added tropical birds to these plates! So fun! The Toucan, Parrots and Love Birds, oh my! This plate includes the remainder of the designs from 02 along with all the new bird designs.
MoYou London Tropical Collection 05
I was sold when I saw the Hummingbird design! Those who know me personally know how much I love these amazing little birds. I'll share a personal photo I took recently at the end. I know MoYou London has another plate with a hummingbird design, in the Pro Collection I believe, but he is much more detailed on this plate. It will also be fun to mix up the full nail feather patterns with the bird designs.
MoYou London Tropical Collection 06
And last, but not least, the final plate in this release and all of the designs from the 2 previous XL plates are included. YAY!
OK, I haven't been this excited since the Bridal Collection! I don't know exactly why, but this collection just makes me feel happy. I am going to have the hardest time choosing which plates to take home! Here's that hummingbird I promised.
Hummingbird from backyard
How about you? Have any of these plates tickled your fancy? The will be released on Friday, July 25th, and retail for £4.99 (approximately $8.50 depending on the conversion rate). Don't forget that shipping to the US is still FREE for orders over £15! They can be purchased directly from MoYou London.
Thanks for reading! I'll see you at the next post.



  1. You know what, Karolyn, I was sooo excited with this collection but somehow the images (especially birds on 06) seem to be too big for my nails, even with regular size plates! So hearbreaking... T_T

    I think they will still fit, but just too big for my liking. Will have to wait to see how other girls use these plates!

    BTW, your humming bird pic is just too adorable!

  2. Sorry for the slow reply! I'm just seeing this. No sweetie, it can't be!! :( I agree that the XL birds would be too big, so I just placed an order for the 2 Regular plates (02 and 06). We can see how my nails come out and I'll do some measuring for you to see if they'll fit. I'd hate to see you miss out on these great designs! I'm glad you liked my little hummingbird! I won't even tell you how many pictures I took to get that 1 good one. Those little birds move FAST!


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