Nail News! DRK Nails is Back in Business!

Hello everyone! Great news! In case you haven’t heard DRK Nails is back with new stamping plates and their own website! This Brazilian brand is no stranger to the stamping community. Their high quality plates were previously only available to us through Ninja Nails, but they went out of business recently. This may be a blessing in disguise for us consumers, since Ninja Nails was almost always out of stock, and the inspiration DRK Nails needed to take the next step and launch a web shop.
DRK Nails logo
Ninja Nails had stocked 4 full size plates (A-D) and mini versions, called Rules due to their long rectangle shape, that were said to include the most popular images from the larger plates. DRK Nails has brought back the full size A-D series and they are introducing a new, smaller rectangle plate they call the Designer series. It appears they have done away with the Rules. Let’s take a look at all of the plates since everyone may not be familiar, OK?
DRK A plate image
This is DRK A, a plate that I have been coveting FOREVER. I think I even mentioned how badly I wanted it in a previous blog post when I was forced to use my DRK-Ax1 Rule. If not for a glitch with PayPal on their website earlier today, I would have been the 5th order. The company was quick to respond to the issue and I am thrilled to report that DRK A will finally be mine!! I am beyond excited that I will have it in my hands soon!

The plate itself (as well as B, C and D) measures 21cm x 17cm (or approx. 8.26 x 6.69 inches), which is very close in size to Cheeky’s latest plates for comparison. And the designs are nice and large, measuring approximately 2.1cm x 1.8cm, and there are 42 of them on this plate.

DRK B plate image

This is DRK B and I thought long and hard about adding this plate to my cart today too. I kept going back to the flames in the top right corner…love ’em! And the eclectic mix of the other designs on the plate…flowers, butterflies, animals and the one thing that remains consistent throughout the collection: interesting geometric designs. This plate is setup differently with 29 full nail designs and 20 smaller designs.

DRK C plate image

DRK C is a really eclectic plate. With 37 full nail designs and 17 smaller designs, there’s a little something for everyone on here. With pets, Asian influences, animal prints, tribal symbols and, of course, some interesting geometrics. The conglomeration of postmarks fourth down in the left column almost got it added to my cart.

DRK D plate image

Today was the first time I saw the full DRK D plate. Ninja Nails only had a few of the Rules. Once again this is a really eclectic combination of designs. There are 32 full nail designs and 12 smaller designs ranging from geometric patterns to fruits to the ants that coming marching in on the bottom corner. There’s a certain whimsy to this plate that I don’t notice in the others.

DRK Designer 1 plate

This is the first plate in the new Designer Series. The plate is 6cm x 12cm (approx. 2.36 x 4.72 inches), very close to the size of a MoYou London plate. The collage style allows for limitless design possibilities and the openness of the patterns seems to indicate that they had the LeadLighting technique in mind when they designed this plate and the next.

DRK Designer 2 plate

Here is the second plate in the Designer Series. I’m not exactly sure why, but I prefer this one to the first and also gave some consideration to adding it to my cart.

What I don’t know, and can’t determine from the website, is whether DRK Nails has made any changes to the plate design. I only own 1 of the Rules, and it arrived coated in the protective blue plastic film, but it came without any backing and the edges are sharp. I’d be excited to find plastic backing on my new plate.

These plates can be purchased now directly for DRK Nails. The larger plates (A-D) cost $22.00 and the smaller Designer plates are $6.50. Shipping was surprisingly inexpensive and I was able to choose USPS Priority Mail for less than the cost of a Flat Rate Envelope.

I wasn’t able to find anything concrete on their website regarding their location but, based on an answer to a sales tax question I believe they are shipping from the US. Somewhat interesting since they mentioned on Facebook that they would also be opening an Amazon store soon. Anyhow, where ever my plate may be coming from I wish it god speed!

Are you as happy as I am to see the DRK plates for sale again? Which do you plan on picking up? I was trying to behave today since there was also a VL pre-order but I’ll surely be back for more!

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the next post.