unTEAL Sunrise: Skittle Nail Art Design

Hello Nail Artists! Today I would like to share a design that was created using all “new to me” products from Liquid Sky Lacquer, Dance Legend, Julep and Apipila. Yes, I actually used a plate that wasn’t made by MoYou London! I love them dearly, but the Nail Mail kept pouring in last month when the blog and I were completely focused on designs for their challenge. Time has been getting away from me lately and last night was the first chance I had to try out some of my new stuff. I named this one “unTEAL Sunrise” for the obvious reason you’ll see in a minute and because the sun came up when I was still working on it.
Main image for completed "unTEAL Sunrise" design.
Here is the completed “unTEAL Sunrise” design and I am holding the bottle of inspiration in my hand.


Basecoat and Topcoat: Nail Tek Foundation II and HK Girl Fast Dry Topcoat
Main polish color: Liquid Sky Lacquer ‘Teal It Like It Is’
Accent polish colors: Dance Legend Caviar 1003 ‘Zebrasoma’ and Julep ‘Jennine’
Stamping plates: Apipila P.2 and L10
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas (2) Black
Embellishments: Silver studs from Born Pretty Store
Image of nails polished with Liquid Sky Lacquer 'Teal It Like It Is'
I polished all of my nails with ‘Teal It Like It Is’ first to see the thermal color change.
My inspiration for this design was Liquid Sky Lacquer’s ‘Teal It Like It Is”, a gorgeous thermal holo that is bright teal when it is cold and lighter blue when it is warm. The formula was the perfect consistency and I enjoy polishing with the smaller brushes Carolyn uses in these. The first coat went on pretty sheer and I was thinking it was going to be a 3 coater, but it proved me wrong and went completely opaque in 2 coats. I finished with a layer of HK Girl topcoat and started scouring stamping plates while it dried. Then I ran my fingers under cold water right before I took some pictures to try to capture it in transition.
Image of accent nail polished with Dance Legend Cavair.
My index finger is polished with Dance Legend Cavair 1003 Zebrasoma, a jelly with matte micro glitters.

I decided I wanted to have one or two accent nails done in different polishes with different finishes, if possible. So I went searching through my new arrivals and found 2 new Dance Legend Caviars. I’m in love with these caviar polishes! They are made up of tiny matte black hex glitter mixed with white square glitters in a jelly base, a turquoise jelly in this case called Zebrasoma. There’s an amazing depth to this polish that I really wish my camera could capture, but you’ll just have to take my word for it. It likes to be applied in thin coats with some drying time in between. I forgot about that since the last time I used it and ended up with a gloopy mess. Here you see 2 thin coats topped off with a layer of HK Girl.

Image of accent nail polished with Julep Jennine.
My second accent finger, the pinky, is polished with Julep ‘Jennine’, a textured matte glitter polish.

The second thing I turned up in my stash was Julep’s Jennine, a borealis blue matte glitter textured polish that came in my last Maven box. Two easy coats of this polish sans topcoat and I was ready for pictures again.

Image of the completed design after stamping with Apipila plates.
I chose coordinating images from 2 Apipila stamping plates for my thumb, middle and ring fingers.

I learned about Apipila stamping plates in my Adventures in Stamping Group on Facebook. The company is in Brazil and their website does not translate, but I was able to send them a message to contact me. I worked with Andreia to place my order in an email message and she sent me a PayPal invoice. It took a little over a month to receive my order, but it was worth the wait. The plates I used were etched well and the images picked up perfectly with nice crisp lines. I used 2 designs from the L10 plate, which is a mini plate with 4 designs, and 1 design from P.2, a full size plate with 20 designs. In case you are curious, the full nail designs on the P.2 plate measure 2cm x 1.5cm, the same as MoYou’s XL designs. Working with my Mundo de Unas black stamping polish and trusty XL squishy the stamping was the fastest part of this manicure.

Completed unTEAL Sunrise design with Born Pretty studs.
The finishing touch was a few 3mm silver carved square studs from Born Pretty.

I decided to finish off the look with a few 3mm silver carved square studs from a set I purchased at the Born Pretty Store. You can use my brand new code NAWW10 for 10% off your next purchase!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my late night, or early morning, creation. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” doesn’t really apply to me and I’m writing this post in a delirious state. I really hope it makes sense to someone other than me!

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the next post.