The Dandelion Manicure! Skittle Nail Art Design

Hello Nail Artists! Do you recall the first time you saw the black and white manicure of a girl’s face in profile blowing on a dandelion? Freeing the little dandelion florets to flow across the rest of the fingernails? How many of you have been dying to recreate that design ever since? I am beyond excited that I finally got my chance!

Main image of The Dandelion Manicure.

I haven’t been involved in stamping all that long, but I bet that manicure will go down in nail art history as one of the most popular of all time. I don’t think I have ever seen so many people clamoring to find out which plate had been used. And we were all a little disappointed to find out that it was partially created with Vivid Lacquer’s VL006, but the girl’s face that made the design so special was hand painted by the very talented Kristin Day at rainysundaynails. Luckily Vivid Lacquer saw the popularity and seized the opportunity to create a plate that includes the girl’s face in two sizes and multiple dandelions.

Alternate image of the complete The Dandelion Manicure!!

Basecoat and Topcoat: Nail Tek Foundation II and HK Girl
Polish color: Liquid Sky Lacquer “Are You A Good Witch?”
Stamping plates: Vivid Lacquer VL024 and MoYou London Pro 06XL
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas (2) Black

Image of nails polished with Liquid Sky Lacquer's Are You A Good Witch?
I am not one to copy a design exactly. I really prefer to put my own spin on it. Since purple and pink are my favorite colors and I thought a thermal would add an interesting twist, I started off by applying 2 coats of Liquid Sky Lacquer’s “Are You A Good Witch?”. I discovered this brand just recently and I have fallen in love. So far I have purchased several Thermals and a few small size bottles of Glitter Bomb and I have been impressed with everything. This particular thermal is a holo that is dark purple when cold and hot pink when it gets warm. The formula was perfect and fully opaque in 2 coats. I topped it off with a coat of HK Girl Fast Drying topcoat.
Image of Vivid Lacquer's VL024 plate.
Next I stamped my nails with Vivid Lacquer’s VL024 plate, shown above, and MoYou London’s Pro 06XL plate. I pulled out the MoYou plate because I wanted to use a dandelion design with the fluffy head still intact. Vivid Lacquer’s VL006 plate has designs like that and its probably why they aren’t included on this new plate, but I don’t own VL006 (yet!). This was my first time using a Vivid Lacquer plate and it performed flawlessly. I used the larger design of the girl’s profile and got perfect, solid coverage and all the little details in the dandelion florets reproduced exactly.
Image of completed design holding the Liquid Sky Lacquer polish.
I finished it off with one more coat of HK Girl once the stamping had some time to dry.
Final image of The Dandelion Manicure!! design showig my entire hand.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this design. I am thrilled with the way the dandelions turned out and I am very much looking forward to creating manicures with the bubbles and the butterflies included on this plate!

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to enter my Giveaway if you haven’t done so already! I’ll see you at the next post.
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  • Thanks Kim! So glad you like to combination of the design with the thermal. I wasn't sure it would work, but when does that ever stop me?? LOL! The VL plate performed FLAWLESSLY with the girl's face! I've run into those coverage/spotting problems you're referring to, but there was none of that going on here.

  • Great question! I only did this design on my left hand. But I would have created stamping decals to reverse the design if I wanted to wear it on both hands. HTH!

  • What a great idea to do this on a thermal beauty! It lends to the feeling of softness of the fuzzy's floating in the air. You got great results with the VL plate too – it can be so hard with big areas such as the girl's face. 🙂 Overall – nice job!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful twist on the mani, I think we've all seen that stunning original. May I ask a question? What do you have on your right hand? Did you reverse the girls face?

  • Thank you so much Anne! I knew you'd know the mani I'm talking about. It was so popular that it inspired two plates, just that I know of at least! I didn't want to post her picture without permission, but I did include a link.

  • Looks fabulous! And I know exactly the black and white mani you're talking about!