Shameless Self Promotion: Stamped Nail Art + A Surprise

Hello Nail Artists! Guess what? I’ve got another MoYou London Challenge manicure to share with you today. YAY! Just kidding! I promise there will only be 1 more challenge post after this one and I have a surprise for you today. At the suggestion of two blogger friends I am going to share 2 “fails” with you today after I show you the final result that I was satisfied with.
Completed Shameless Self Promotion design.

This design was created for Day 23 and the theme was Typography. In what seems like a previous life, I worked as a Graphic Designer and also held a position briefly in the pre-press department of a printing company. So my mind immediately went to the literal definition of typography: the art or procedure of arranging type. I figured there would be lots of entries like mine, mainly spelling out MOYOU, so I chose to promote my blog name instead. It never even crossed my mind to stamp my nails with the word designs on Scholar 02 or a few other MoYou plates I own with word designs. The final result looks fairly simple, right? So you’ll probably be surprised to find out that this is one of the most difficult designs I’ve ever done.

Basecoat and Topcoat: Nail Tek Foundation II, HK Girl and Essie Matte About You
Polish color: OPI Black Onyx
Stamping plate: MoYou London Scholar 06 and Hipster 02
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas (1) White and (33) Light Gray
Image of nails polished with OPI Black Onyx.
I started out with 2 coats of OPI’s Black Onyx, my favorite black polish, and topped it off with a coat of HK Girl Fast Drying topcoat.
Image of nails stamped with Scholar 06.
Then I stamped the lines from my MoYou London Scholar 06 plate using Mundo de Unas light gray. I added another coat of HK Girl so I could remove any stamping mistakes I made applying the letters with tape. In case you missed it, I showed you my trick of using packing tape in the “How to Stamp an Image” video in my “Know THIS: Techniques to Make Stamping Work!” post.
Image of completed Shameless Self Promotion design.
Now for the fun part! I engaged in my third attempt to stamp each of the individual letters from my Scholar 06 plate using Mundo de Unas white polish and the small, firm end of my squishy stamper. I decided to use that little tiny end because it made it much easier to control the placement of the letters. They are not placed perfectly on the lines intentionally.
Another image of finished Shameless Self Promotion
Although you can’t see it too well in this picture, I finished the design by stamping the Instagram logo and the word SHARE from the Hipster 02 plate on my thumb since MoYou was holding this challenge solely on Instagram. My intent was for the design to look like writing on a chalkboard, so I turned it matte with Essie’s Matte About you when I was certain it was dry. OK, so now you’ve seen the good version and my contest entry. Now let’s take a look at the failures.
Image of BAD version with lines stamped.
I originally wanted the design to look like writing in notebook. I started with 2 coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls because I find it to be a little less “crisp”than Alpine Snow and thought it would look more like paper. I applied a coat of HK Girl and once it was dry I stamped the lines from the Scholar 06 plate, using Mundo de Unas (6) Pastel Blue. Again I added another coat of HK Girl to protect the lines if I made mistakes.
Usually I am able to try my designs on paper plates to see if the colors work together and play around with positioning my embellishments, etc. But, since this design required precise placement in a fixed space, there was no way to try this design anywhere but my fingernails. Where to start about what went wrong with this first attempt? My idea to have the blog name on 2 lines did not work well at all. The combination of upper and lower case didn’t look cohesive. And the notebook doodle designs I stamped in red looked childish to me. I didn’t feel like starting all over, so I did the best I could to get this off with tape.

Here is my second attempt. I made the correction to all capital letters and managed to fit the entire name of my blog in one line across the 4 fingernails. YAY! I added the Instagram and Twitter logos to my thumb, but later wondered what Twitter had to do with anything. I was happy with the typography here, but felt that the blue lines were washed out and I wasn’t getting the notebook look and feel I hoped for. So off it came and I went back the drawing board, or chalkboard in this case.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this nail art design and the deviation of this post. Was it helpful to see my creative process unfold through my failures?

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I’ll see you at the next post.