I DO! featuring MoYou London Bridal Collection Plates

Hello Nail Artists! Today I have a design I created using 2 of the plates from MoYou London’s new Bridal Collection. There’s an amusing story that goes along with these plates that I feel compelled to share, but let’s have a peek at the design first.
Main image of I DO design with bottle of Dance Legend Polish,
A first look at the “I DO!” design including the Dance Legend base polish I used.

The lace plates in this collection were so gorgeous and getting tons of attention on social media the day they were announced. I was so convinced they were going to sell out immediately that I decided to stay up a little late and order as soon as they were available. I hadn’t done that before and just assumed that MoYou London would make the plates available at the start of the business day, presumably no later than 9AM in London which translated to 2AM here in New Mexico. No big deal, right?. Well, 2AM came and went with no new plates on their site and by 3AM customers started asking questions. MoYou London replied that it would be another hour, or maybe two, but sometime that morning. Well, I was finally able to place my order shortly after 5:35AM, AKA just past noon in London. The plates did not sell out that day, or the next, or even in the few weeks that followed. Although I do see they are absent from the website as I write this post. Oh the crazy things we do in the name of stamping plates! I can tell you for certain I will not be doing that again!

Another image of the completed I DO design with Dance Legend polish.
The design from a different angle, again holding the base polish color.
Basecoat and Topcoat: Nail Tek Foundation II and HK Girl TC
Base polish: Dance Legend Anna Gorelova “Alenushka”
Stamping plates: MoYou London Bridal Collection 06 and 07XL
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas (1) White
Embellishments: The Daily Charme and The Born Pretty Store
Image of nails polished with Dance Legend Alenushka
Freshly polished with Dance Legend Alenushka. The shimmer is so intense the finish almost looks fuzzy!
Image of nails polished with Dance Legend Alenushka
Another shot of Alenushka showing off the amazing shimmer in the polish.

When I got married in 2000 I knew nothing about doing my nails or about having them done professionally. A friend referred me to her salon where I got acrylics put on for the first time and I had them filed into a rounded tip and polished French. I cringe today when I see them in photos.

So I wanted to create a design that I would be proud to wear down the aisle if I had it to do over. I chose this amazing polish called Alenushka from Dance Legend’s Anna Gorelova collection. It is described as “a soft feminine rosy matte shade with lilac undertones and silvery shimmer. Appears to be a texture, but dries to a completely smooth finish”. I somewhat disagree. For me it was a soft pink with so much silver shimmer in it that it appeared to have a fuzzy texture in some of the photos. I don’t recall it looking matte before I applied the topcoat but it did have a smooth finish. This is 2 coats of Alenushka and a layer of HK Girl topcoat.
Image of MoYou London's Bridal plates 06 and 07.
MoYou Bridal Collection plates 06 and 07XL, the gorgeous lace designs.
I purchased both of the lace plates in the MoYou London Bridal Collection, 06 and 07, so I would have the perfect size image for every finger. Since I don’t foresee another wedding in my future I also chose these because they were the most versatile plates in the collection.
Image of nails right after stamping with Mundo de Unas white.
Here’s how my nails looked right after stamping with Mundo de Unas white.
I stamped my thumb, index and middle fingers with a design from the 07 plate. I used the coordinating design from the 06 plate on my pinky. I used French tips guides to cover up the moon and proceeded to stamp with Mundo de Unas white stamping polish. The shimmer of the base polish makes it a somewhat difficult to see that the design stamped perfectly. I tested several of the images before settling on this one and every fine little detail in the lace reproduced exactly.
Image of the completed I DO design holding HK Girl topcoat.
Another view of the design showcasing the HK Girl Topcoat I used.
I added a layer to HK Girl topcoat over the stamping and then began to embellish. I used 2-3 different sizes of silver rhinestones from a Born Pretty kit to accent the moon on my thumb, index, middle and pinky fingers. Don’t forget to use my 10% off code if you decide to order: NAWW10. I had a very special charm in mind for my ring finger.
Up close image of Daily Charme large diamond nail sheild.
A close-up look at the nail shield I wore on my ring finger.
It is an 11mm x 16mm large diamond shield from Daily Charme that was the perfect finishing touch to this design in my opinion. The curved back of the charm fit my nail like it was made for me. I wasn’t able to keep this design on as long as I would have liked but, for the time I wore it, I didn’t notice this charm getting caught up or snagging on anything.
One last look at “I DO!”

And there you have it. The “pretty in pink with just enough bling” design I would have been thrilled to wear on my wedding day. Perhaps it will inspire a bride to be.

As always, I would love the hear your thoughts on this design. I love your comments and read and reply to each and every one. Thank you for taking the time to read about this nail art design! I’ll see you at the next post.