Dance Legend Termo Shine Swatches, Review and Nail Art

Hello everyone! I hope all of you had a nice weekend. I was busy swatching, as you’ll see in the weeks to come. If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I’ve recently discovered thermal polishes and I am completely obsessed. These may have been out for a while now, I don’t know, but they are new to me and just too gorgeous to keep to myself. Warning! Picture heavy post after the jump!
Main image of Dance Legend Termo Shine polish post

Dance Legend as a brand is actually fairly new to me. For anyone not familiar, they are a professional Russian nail polish brand that has been making polish since 2000. They offer a very extensive product line and all of their polishes are Big3Free. They do ship internationally, but it’s probably easier to order from one of their stockists closer to your home. I first became interested in them when reading blog posts about their Top Sahara, a top coat that turned the your base polish textured. My thermal obsession was preceded by a texture obsession and I thought “how cool would that be if ALL my polishes could be textured!” I was waiting patiently for it to be available at Llarowe and came across the Termo Shine polishes while poking around in the meantime. I thought they were just so unique because of the glitter. I purchased 182 first and loved it so much I went back for 180, which I am just as pleased with. So let’s look at them in the order I received them.

Dance Legend 182 Termo Shine polish
Dance Legend Termo Shine 182 polish second image
Dance Legend Termo Shine 182 with 2 coats applied.
Here is 2 coats of 182 and HK Girl topcoat.

Termo Shine 182 is a jelly polish loaded with fine gold glitter and larger hex shaped gold glitter. It is a deep pink when warm and a dark purple when cold. The first time I wore it I learned just how much glitter was in the polish when I tried to remove it. This time I decided I would try it over OPI’s new Glitter Off Base Coat and it worked great. The formula is on the thick side because of all the glitter and things got a little gooey and the polish dragged when I applied the 2nd coat the first time I wore it. So this time I applied 1 coat of the polish over the base coat, waited for the color to change, touched it up where the glitter was sparse and finished with a coat of HK Girl topcoat. As you can see from the 3rd photo, the polish becomes fully opaque with the 2nd coat. But I think it looked interesting and wearable either way.

Dance Legend Termo Shine 180
Second image of Dance Legend 180
Termo Shine 180 uses the same jelly formula and is loaded with silver micro glitter and larger square silver glitter. The polish is a silvery grey when warm and black when cold. I used OPI’s Glitter Off Base Coat again with this polish. I used the same method of applying 1 coat, waiting for the color change and touching it up where it was sparse. If you look really close you can see VNL in a few spots that I didn’t see in real life but the camera surely captured it. I’m sure it would have been fully opaque in 2 coats just like 182. So I will try that next time, allowing more time in between coats to try to avoid the gooey pulling.

Both of these polishes were amazing color changers! They change dramatically and easily. My tips were almost always the dark color. And now and then I would be surprised when I looked at my nails and found them covered with dark color for no apparent reason. Too fun! Note that I held both of the polish bottles under hot water in order to bring out the lighter color for contrast against the tips in these photos. In their natural state the polish is the darker color in the bottle and during application.
Image of Dance Legend 180 and OPI Black Onyx
These thermals were gorgeous on their own, but I still wanted to see what I could do to enhance them with a little nail art. I peeled 180 off my middle and ring fingers and applied 2 coats of OPI Black Onyx followed by a coat of HK Girl topcoat.
Stamped with Mundo de Unas silver and Infinity 70
I found a pair of reversing images on Dashica’s Infinity 70 plate that I thought would be perfect for this. I stamped using my new Mundo de Unas Silver (18), which oddly almost looks like white stamping polish in contrast with the silver glitter.
Second image with nail art
I need to share something a little disappointing. I mis-stamped my middle finger on my first attempt and was not able to remove the stamping polish with packing tape. This is the first time that trick hasn’t worked for me with a Mundo de Unas polish, but it is also the first time I have used a metallic, so I suspect the formula is different. The silver did seem thinner than my other colors.
Final image of full hand with polish and nail art.
I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these polishes! Are you a fan of thermal polishes too? Do you like the addition of the glitter? Do you think it was too much to add the nail art?

Personally I am a bit sad that there are only 2 other shades of this polish available and they both have red in them. Don’t get me wrong, I love red and have a drawer filled with red polish. I just never seem to wear it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post! I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll see you next time.
  • penryn

    Thank you SO much for this post! I also read that Konad stampers were the place to start, but I was skeptical because my nails are very curved. I'm going to get a nice, big squishy one now! <3 <3 <3

  • Hi there Mariel! Thank you very much! I am so glad you found the post helpful and I would be honored if you translated it and shared it with your nail group. The most important thing is to get the information to the ladies that need it! <3

  • Mariel Una Bruja

    Hi Karolyn! I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I love this post! It's very clear and informative. Do you mind if I translate this article to spanish and published in a group of nails that we have in Facebook? I give you the credits, of course.

    Thank you so much!

  • Thank you Diana sweetie! I am glad you enjoyed the post and found it to be complete! God bless! <3


    Great!!! other very complete post. Thank you

  • Great! I'm sorry if my request for credit came out wrong or seemed offensive. I should have known you would do so when you asked for permission in the first place. My apologies. There is a link in my social media icons to email me directly if I can help at all when you receive your nail stamping supplies.

  • Yulia

    A proper recognition is a given, it will take me some time but as soon as I will get a new plate and a suitable polish i will translate the post and of course I will put there a link to your blog – it is your work, i merely translating it.

  • Thank you for trying the Translator. It's too bad it doesn't work better. What's most important is to share this information with people that can use it. Therefore you have my permission to translate it and share it on your blog. All I ask is that you give me credit as the original author and include a link back to my blog. Best of luck with your stamping!!

  • Yulia

    I honestly think after reading your post that i have a chance 🙂
    about the translation, however you feel more comfortable – personally i don't like Google translate for long paragraphs but i will respect your choice.

  • Thank you for the wonderful feedback Yulia! I'd would be so happy if my post helps you to get a great result when you try again! Your comment made me realize that I didn't add the "Translator" back to my blog when I switched templates. Would it be possible for you to point your readers back to my post now that it can be translated to Hebrew? The most important thing to me is making this information available, so we will work something out if that doesn't work.

  • Yulia

    Hi, this post is great! I tried stumping a few times but every time it had a very sad outcome. Now i will try again but i hope for a better result.
    Also I have a request, I'm an Israeli nails bloger and i would like to translate your post to Hebrew for my readers, will it be ok?

  • Hey there Susanne! Thanks so much for sharing the post with your Swedish group! Sadly the information will always be too late for someone, and I was seeing comments like that from AiS members too and felt bad. Perhaps your girl can find something helpful in my 2nd Featured Post on Techniques? It never occurred to me to share the article repeatedly in the group, shame on me! There is also a link to it now in the "Tips & Tricks For You Who Are New To Stamping" file that I see new AiS members being directed to frequently. I am SO excited for you about your new stamping polishes! I hope you'll agree that they really do make a difference. I would love to see your 1st manicure you create with them! Please tag me if you think of it.

  • Thanks Kim! Oh darn, I had the right idea with the reversal images, but missed my chance to point out the "180 on 180"! We just find more things we have in common each time you comment. I have a new dark color topper to try that might gets those reds out of the drawer!

  • Thanks sweetie! Glad you liked them too! Liquid Sky Lacquer thermals coming soon…keep an eye out.

  • Wow – very cool! And, I love the nail art with the thermals. Great choice to do a reversal image side by side with the thermals – great play on opposites with 180 (which I find to be stunning, I'm a silver freak :)). I hear you on the reds – I like them in moderation too. Nice post!!

  • Susanne

    Thanks, Karolyn! I shared this with a Swedish nail art group and they appreciated it, although one girl thought that I had posted it too late. 😀 But I think she had bought quality plates so she'll be just fine. I have ordered some stamping polishes and look forward to start stamping for real.

    ♥ Best wishes,
    Susanne A. from AIS

  • Gracious me oh my. Those thermals are amazing.