HOPPY Easter: Layered Stamping Decal Nail Art Design

Hello Nail Artists! HOPPY Easter! I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend. I have a special manicure to share with you today. I created it to participate in two Easter Nail Art Challenges, one at the Nailpolis Museum and the other at Nail Update, a brand new nail art group on Facebook I think you might enjoy. I’m excited to show you so here it is.


HOPPY Easter: Layered Stamping Decal Nail Art Design

Basecoat/Topcoat: Nail Tek Foundation II, Seche Vite, OPI Topcoat and Essie Matte About You
Base color: Julep Jessica
Accent color: OPI Alpine Snow for the clouds
Stamping plates: MoYou London Pro 12 XL, Princess 09 & Festive 09
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas (2) Black


HOPPY Easter: Layered Stamping Decal Nail Art Design

Some truly amazing nail artists enter these contests. Many of them create gorgeous, hand painted designs that I envy since my hand is not as steady. I knew I had to bring my A game to even post my photo alongside theirs. I also knew I wanted a hand painted look with some depth, without any hand painting. I had an idea. COULD I LAYER STAMPING DECALS? It was certainly worth trying.

First I laid down a blue base of Jessica and used a Q-Tip to dab on a little Alpine Snow and form the fluffy clouds. Then I created decals for:

* the Tulips from MoYou Pro 12 XL
* the Bunny and Carrot from MoYou Princess 09
* the Bunny, Bunny Backside and Chick from MoYou Festive 09


Pictures indicating each image used from 3 different MoYou plates.
1. I stamped the images over a decent layer of OPI Topcoat on the chopping mat I like to use (more details in this post), filled them in with acrylic paints and let them dry.
2. Working with one pair of decals at a time, I gently lifted them from the mat with tweezers. I used cuticle scissors to cut away the tulips so I could use the grass alone and trimmed the other image to a manageable size.
3. Then I positioned the decals on the mat, layering one image over the other to achieve the look I wanted and gently pressed them together with a gloved finger. These decals were created with 1 layer of topcoat instead of my usual 2 layers, so they were still very soft and pliable and came together easily.
4. I used tweezers and gloved fingers to position the newly layered decal on my dry nail and smoothed it out, then went over it with OPI Topcoat. I cleaned up the excess with acetone and a small brush.
5. Once all my nails were done I mattified everything with Essie Matte About You.
HOPPY Easter: Layered Stamping Decal Nail Art Design

So what do you think? I was thrilled with the results! They came out even better than I envisioned. I was a little concerned when I started that you might be able to see that I pieced decals together like a jigsaw puzzle, but they came together seamlessly. Whether or not it wins any contests this was a really fun manicure to do and I smiled every time I looked at it!

UPDATE! It’s a WINNER! I was thrilled and humbled to find out yesterday that my manicure was chosen as the winner of the first Challenge Giveaway contest in my Nail Update group on Facebook. The group is open to all Nail Lovers and all products, techniques and ideas are welcome. The lovely ladies in this group come from all over the world to share their talent, passion for nail art and desire to support others. There are theme based challenges every week to encourage you to try something a little different and once a month there will be a special challenge for a prize. You can use the link above to go straight to the group page and join. We’d love to have you!

 I hope this nail art design has you smiling too! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the next post.