Girly Tulips: For World Parkinson’s Day Awareness

Hello everyone! April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month and today, April 11th, is World Parkinson’s Day. I’d like to thank the Nailpolis Museum for starting a campaign to raise awareness through Nail Art Design. I did some reading before I got started and learned that this chronic disease affects millions of people around the world and, while there are some treatment options available to help manage symptoms, there is currently no cure for it. You can visit the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation to learn more and find out what you can do to help. The Red Tulip is the worldwide symbol of Parkinson’s disease so I chose to feature it in this special nail art design.


Basecoat/Topcoat: Nail Tek II Foundation, Seche Vite, OPI over decals
Base color: Nfu-Oh 65
Accent color: OPI Solitaire
Stamping polishes: Mundo de Unas (2) Black & (1) White, Nfu-Oh 65
Stamping plates: MoYou London Pro 01 XL & Pro 12 XL
Embellishments: Silver bow from eBay

I decided on a combination of stamping, stamping decals and stamping over texture. I have been eyeing the Tulip image on my MoYou London Pro 12 XL plate since Spring sprung and this was the perfect opportunity to use it.

I started with a base of two coats of Nfu-Oh 65 on every finger except for my ring finger, which received two coats of OPI Solitaire. Then I stamped the dots on my index finger and pinky using Mundo de Unas white and stamped the stripes on my ring finger using the Nfu-Oh polish.


Let’s talk for a minute about decals. I like to make mine on a plastic chopping mat I picked up at Target so I can do a bunch at a time. Everyone seems to have a preferred topcoat and for me it is OPI Topcoat. I’ve tried Seche Vite in the past, but the decals always came out too stiff…perhaps the combination with the plastic mat, I don’t know. For these I put down six small rectangles of topcoat, allowed it to dry, and stamped the image with Mundo de Unas black stamping polish. Then I filled them in with several colors of acrylic paint to add some depth. A few hours later I coated the images with a final layer of topcoat. I made these a day in advance and stuck the whole mat inside a Ziploc bag to keep them soft until I was ready to use them.

Not up for the decals? Try these easy nail art design variations over 2 coats of a white base, such as OPI Alpine Snow.
1. Stamp the Tulip image using black stamping polish. Then, if you’d like, use a nail art brush to fill in the image with a little polish, acrylic paint, or go for the “Lead Light” look by using jelly polish.
2. Stamp the image with both green and red stamping polishes. Place the green polish in the grassy area of the image and red on top where the tulips are, then scape sideways to keep the colors from blending.

So what do you think? I am really pleased with the way it came out. Have you tried the Mundo de Unas stamping polishes yet? I promised I would only endorse products that I use myself and find worthy and I love these polishes. They are one of the very few brands that stamp well over dark colors, and they have the images to prove it on their shiny new website. The polishes have a smell to them that kind of reminds me of the way polishes smelled before they were 3 and 4 free, but it doesn’t bother me. Just be sure to work with them in a well-ventilated area.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this nail art design! I’ll see you at the next post.